The Salt "Moving and Shaking to be a Blessing" page

Welcome to my Salt Moving and Shaking to be a Blessing page!

I bet you are wondering what it is that I do here. It’s simple: I am moving and shaking to be a blessing to my immediate family and the family out there in the world.

This page is me calling myself to action to be a REAL blessing in my world. This page is me acknowledging that faith without works is dead! 

I want to make a REAL difference in my world. I want to impact my world. I want to manufacture smiles! And the truth is, to do this, I need resources. I need funds. More funds than my 9am to 5pm job can provide. 

I needed a second stream of funds. I needed a Plan B to back up my current Plan A.

So, if you like, this page is my Plan B. 

And I am inviting you to make it yours too. Together, we can arise above the current socio-economic katakata we see all over the place. I am confident of this. 

As they say, whenever you wake up is your morning. People, my morning has come and I am awake and ready to shake!!! And I invite you to come shake the world with me!

Before I go on, let me share a story with you.

It is the testimony of a lady called Omowunmi Adefila. I am going to share it because as I read it I saw myself in it. Her words more or less describe how I got to this place I am at right now. 

I want to do things for God! 

I want to be channel of blessing! 

I want to show forth the goodness of God and point people to my King using my life! 

If you are reading this, then it means you want to do this too!

And I believe we can and my first step is very easy. 

But look out for my next post via which I will share Omowunmi's testimony  and then I will explain how you and I can take some first quick steps towards living our dreams today.

This shall be our testimony in Jesus Christ name. Amen!

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