Saturday, 1 September 2018

The Official Countdown to Sholly’s Rising begins!

The Official Countdown to #ShollysRising begins today September 1!

Behold our Speaker and Peer-Coaches all on one poster now. I just love it. 

And all I want to say is ‘Thank you PapaGod’. For all you have done thus far. All you are doing and all you will do as we move towards September 29. You know, I seriously doubt my ‘abilities’ and ‘capacity’ many times but never my willingness to run your errand. Never your Enough-Ness. Ours is to obey. It’s your job to breathe over and perfect all the plans.

To already registered guests? God bless you all! Every mail that comes in is such a source of encouragement. Please keep them coming. If you plan to be at #ShollysRising, send your name and gender to 

Thank you so much🌻💛🌻. 

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