Saturday, 14 July 2018

Dear Pastor Weyinmi

Dear Pastor Weyinmi

Is this how you are? I thought I was one of your personal people? See as I was looking for you with a torch light in the weeks to my Golden birthday. I had it all planned. You would do the opening prayer and Pastor B would close. 

If only I knew that as I sent my last WhatsApp message to you that you were ill. Maybe then instead of warning you to ‘better come out of your hiding’ to attend, I’d have been

calling on God to have mercy. On you. On us all. 

I had no clue. In my mind, you were invincible. I still maintain my view. God wanted you home. Dass all. In the physical, it may look like sickness took you. Lie. Your Papa called you home. Your job was done. Boy! Did you do your job! And my family and I were part of all you did! 

In my whole life, I’ve never been to a more emotionally charged service of Songs! I cried through out. To see Sister Regina and the children. Ah! Looking at your children! Seeing Laju erupt in pain. To hear you sing! To know you wrote one of my favorite Nathaniel Blow’s songs: You are Holy, Wonderful and Kind’. To watch those clips of you preaching. To see your siblings broken. To listen to Pastor Siju’s poem. Funke Amobi’s tribute. To see Pastor ID crumble. All of it was just so much. I was undone. Even till now, I’m not myself. 

But I am happy. I too knew you. Even though I honestly can’t remember what you called me. Why didn’t you give me a nickname now? It’s just not fair! 

Pastor Weyinmi? Thank you. For being that friendly face since we joined City of David over 15 years ago. Thank you for writing the Foreword to my book, True Confessions. I loved your words before. Now, they are priceless.  I have read them over and over and I’m so glad God made me ask you to do that. I’m so honored to have your words etched into the lines of my life this way.  

Thank you for all you did to make Sholly’s Service of Songs come to pass. You held my hand through it all. It was so special but can I tell you something? Yours beat that. I felt the same pain but I cried more at yours the other day. At a point I wondered if people would ask me ‘how far’ cos I cried like I was family. I think I was crying for you, my Papa and my Sholly! Oh! Pastor Weyinmi! Your death hit me o! 

Oh! How I pray my MGM and all Husbands and  Dads borrow a leaf from you. How I pray we all determine, thanks to your testimony, to live by godly standards in all we do. How I pray! 

Pastor Weyinmi. I will miss you. I remember you coming to apologize for the late start of Sholly’s Service. The choir members were late. Traffic was horrible that day. Pastor Weyinmi? Trust me. On your day? The choir was on point. It was clear. They sang their hearts out for you. Even as they wiped their tears. Because you too touched them. You touched us all.  

City of David ? You tried. You wanted us all to connect deeply with Pastor Weyinmi and we did.  

Pastor? Thank you for coming with Henry and our family to Calabar for my Daddy-in-Love’s burial. I know you took it personally. 

I’m probably rambling but I pray I’m still making sense. I’m hoping I’ll find some Peace doing this post. I’m praying maybe, joined with all the other testimonies, mine will provide some sort of comfort to  your Shadow and the children. I pray they will take some small solace in knowing that we are many who know that you were the Real MVP. Most Valuable Pastor. 

You walked your Talk. For that. I thank you and give Glory to God. 

Who will try to ‘komo le’ with me now during Thanksgiving Service? You can bet that every time a testimony is read in COD, I’ll think of you. 

Bliss on Pastor Weyinmi. Bliss On. 



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