Sunday, 29 July 2018

Because I Am a Christian

Because I am a Christian­čî╗

If there is one thing that upsets me is when people say to me: "After, you will say you are a Christian." Counting to ten usually doesn't help. I try. I promise. 

Since when did 'being a Christian' mean I should stop having feelings or start exhibiting stupidity levels alien to me. I'm called to be meek. Not a mumu.  Don't push me. I am TRYING to be like Christ. I am not there. It's going to take a life time. 

Yes, I am a Christian but that doesn't make me impervious to manipulative behavior. I'm gentle as a dove but will use discernment to spot a con a mile off. I'm too naive not to trust the Holy Spirit to help me distinguish who is who. Eri ko no fe. Trust me. There are smileys and there are smileys. I, Salt will not hold manipulative and devious fire to my bosom all in the name of 'Charity'. That's not how being on fire is doing me. I pass please. 

Because I am a Christian does not mean I'll tolerate nonsense conduct. I will call you out. Wrong is wrong please. Gone are the days this statement will get to me. 
Your perspective of me is none of my Christian business. Only God has the right to judge me. And till you can see into my heart, take two seats back.

So, if you behave badly around me, I must let you know. I must give you an opportunity to explain yourself or correct yourself. If neither happen, I owe it to myself to remove you from my space. 

Because I am a Christian, sometimes, to pursue peace, you flee the human-vessels of the disquiet and negativity. 

Ain't nobody got time for jatijati­čÖä.

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