Friday, 22 September 2017

To All Our Registered Rising Guests.....Please.

Before I begin my 'Pleases', let me first of all, thank you for registering! You are each a source of encouragement to me and I have been praying for you. My prayer is simple: The reason for which God is bringing you should be made crystal clear to you and you must get your 'word'. So please be expectant.

So now to my 'Pleases'.

Please come on time. Start time is 10am for real. Even if I am the only one there at the venue with the volunteers, we shall start. But I am trusting God that you will all be on time.

Please do not come with little children. I am sorry. I know but I am not sure it is the sort of function to bring small children. I wanted to have a small creche close by but it did not work out and that is why I am happy it is just four hours from 10am to 2pm. So I can give you back most of your Saturday.

Please if you cannot make it any more, let us know. We are putting people on a wait list from today as we don't have any more seats so let us know if you cannot make it. Thank you. You will be there next year by God's grace. Yes, we aim to do this every year. Every September.

Please come with money *laughing*. Well, if you love books because there will be a 'Rising' Book Stand.

Were you one of the first 20 to register? If you were, before the day, you would have gotten a mail from me confirming it. PLEASE be sure to let them know when you register. They will have a list also to double check. Once confirmed, you will get your special gift.

Please come and once you sit down in the venue, just chill and open yourself up to receive what you need for YOU. I am hoping we have a cozy-crowd kinda time together. God moves in mysterious ways and I have asked him to do just that at Rising. 

See you there by the grace of God

For now, stay lifted and hold fast to your Saltiness!

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