Tuesday, 1 August 2017

The Shola Adefolalu Gaska "Foundation presents 'Sinking in Grief Yet Rising with Purpose

“PapaGod, is it that you don’t want me to know what happened? Or perhaps you are testing my patience, to see if I can trust you totally on this matter? I just need to know. Sometimes, the not knowing almost hurts more than the pain of my loss. Sometimes I feel like I am sinking under waves of pain”.

“Salt, please get over yourself. Go out there and help others going through the same thing and leave the rest to me. To stop sinking save someone else from drowning”

At first, I thought that response was rather harsh but then I got it. God loves me and if I am in the centre of His will, all that transpires is from a place of Agape love. Even when I don’t get it; especially when I don’t get it. Trusting God’s unquestionable love is the key to my peace. 

So I wiped my tears, blew my nose and got up from my place of weeping and began to write. This poster you see below is the outcome of that meeting with my PapaGod at the 2017 ROTH.

I would like to specially invite you to this programme. I am so happy with the interest shown so far. Not only have registrations coming in, I have young ladies volunteering to help (to each of you I am sending love and light). 

It is true, when you are running an errand for God, he moves for you. On that day at ROTH, he told me precisely who two of the speakers would be and who to invite as Coaches. I was anxious because I was not sure if they would all agree but that was foolish of me. If God said to invite them, I should have known they would graciously agree. And they all did. God will bless them all for me. I cannot wait to sit and listen to them all share on how to rise up from pain into purpose! And God will bless you too as you prepare to attend (to register, simply send your full name to abimbolaen@yahoo.com) and/or share this blog or the poster within your network. 

Can I just say something? While this is not meant to be a cry-fest, some of us might cry. And that would be fine. I believe we, especially we Christians need to learn to honour our grief better. I personally felt rushed as if being sad or crying was somehow a negation of my faith. The Bible says mourn...but not like one that has no hope. It does not say 'mourn quickly and move on' nor does it say 'don't mourn'. It just says when you mourn, hold fast to your hope that God's got you. Regardless, At least,this is my take on it. Come, and let's hear the takes of our three Speakers and Coaches. When I look at this poster, I just smile and bless God! So much experience and godly wisdom in one place!

So, see you on the 30th of September 2017. It will be the first Saturday after Sholly’s birthday on September 25th. She would have been 37. I hope you come join me in celebrating my AburoChild in a very meaningful way. Yes, join me as I seek to bring God-directed purpose out of my pain and I pray that, regardless of why you come, you will hear a 'word' from God just for you.

Till then, stay lifted and hold fast to your Saltiness!

And yes, Happy New Month!


  1. I pray the Lord will continue to speak to your heart concerning Sola's death. It will surely be well.

  2. Shola is at peace. I didn't tell you but I did see her multiple times. The first the day of hearing of her passing was one of pain, horror, and surprise. I could not hear her as she had no voice. Her face was clear and showed absolute horror as she cried voicelessly for help. Trapped as if her face was pressed up against glass. The next two times I held her tight and welcomed her into a peaceful place. The last time was one of peace before she ascended. God/Goodness/Love/Light/Jesus, you can choose what word is most powerful for you. This will be corrected. It is not a matter of forgiveness. It is a matter of life correcting itself and bringing back balance. Her pain and confusion is no longer hers. It returns to another. Hers was short lived. This suffering, no matter how it might seem outwardly, wreaks havoc on the vehicle of her pain. The human vessel that released this destructive anger will absorb it back more and more. That vessel is not strong enough to bear it. It will crack like any other vessel. Made in fire it will be consumed by it as well. Shola from goodness returns to her Source. All comes into balance. - Pete

    1. Thank you so much Pete. Thank you.


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