Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Lessons From Den Haag and Paris continued

Your Turn will come. When it's Your Time

I had never been to Paris. Considering I studied French in school and have first and second degrees in it, that's pretty odd, right? But it's true. Prior to this divinely orchestrated trip, the closest I had come to a French-speaking country was Lome. 

I spent one summer there in form 3 when I was at Queen's College and another six months during my third year at University of Uyo. That's it. But I love the language so add my academic knowledge  to working in a French bank for a French boss who refused to speak to me in English (God bless you M. Riboux!), I had enough to make me pretty fluent. 

All my life I'd wanted to visit Paris. I dreamed of going there for my honeymoon. No. I planned to go there for my 5th, 10th, 15th and 20th anniversaries. No. And now, one month after my 24th one......

 I finally have!  And as I sat on "Le BatoBus" that crazy hot but beautifully sunny day taking in the iconic sights, I was a little stunned at how 'just like that' I was here. In Paris! On a boat! With my MGM! Taking photos of The Eiffel Tower! How could this be? 

      Elevator usfie een zee elevator of our 'otel😀

                  La Tour Eiffel! Magnifique! 

Double back 365 days, it wasn't even a thought. The only reason I was there was because my trip back from an official training in the Netherland had been routed through Paris. I didn't ask for that. Why would the Travel team do that? Why? Because, clearly Sholly and God were up to something.  My turn to visit Paris had come!  More than 30 years had passed since I wished it and MY time had finally come. And People of God, I have to say, the timing made perfect sense. I had to be this age, dealing with my stuff to fully appreciate my Paris.

            Can't remember where this is but it's in Paris!
                               So it's gorgeous! 

Lesson Learned: Embrace your lane. Trust God. Don't look over into the other person's yard. The 'grass may look greener' but as Maya Angelou once said, 'but their water bill is higher too!" Stop comparing your journey to another's. God's map for your life's trek is as unique as your DNA. Everything good will come for you too when it's your turn. And your time.

                         Madame La Liberte! 

Just Step Up And You'll Do It

Confession time! I love training courses but I hate training exercises. You know, group or break out sessions? But they are inevitable. So even though I loved the content of the course I was on, I was not looking forward to the final team role play. 

But over the years I have learned to embrace my discomfort zones. And just do it. And thanks to Sholly I am becoming a guru at not sweating the SSAMS. The 'Small Stuff Appearing Mega in my Mind'. 

Time doing that is time squandered. I'm living for two now, so every second counts. So, I exhaled my fears and inhaled grace from above and decided I was going to nail it. And I did. Thoroughly enjoying myself in the process. This was one of my most fun role plays. You would have thought Birgit and I were joined at the hip! We did good and got  great feedback! 

How come? Well, first of all, I had a great partner and we prepared well. Plus, I prayed. As. In. Speaking in Tongues Prayed! And we nailed it😇

       Sur la route de Champs Elysees! Golden Smiles. 
                            Like Sholly's 🌻

Lesson: Pray. Prepare. Practice. Feel the Fear. Pray some more for peace. And then? Just do it. You'll be fine. And always ask yourself one question: What's the worse thing that can happen? You bungle.  So what? Will the world end? Really?  Trust me, it will not. 

But I'm confident you won't fail. Why? Because the King lives in you. He never fails so neither can you.

You will always come out laughing. 



  1. Awwww...This is such a beautiful and timely reminder... I'll take my biggest lesson from the Water Bills of the guys with the Greener

    Thank you for sharing ma'am! Every post is a blessing.

  2. Thanks for sharing the lessons. I enjoyed reading this. It's refreshing.

  3. Thank you for coming by Precious❤️.
    I'm happy you picked something.

  4. Tolulope, thank you too! I know! I love that quote too😄. Bless you for clicking the link🌻

  5. Wonderful. So encouraging. Just what I needed to remember today. God's perfect timing and to just step up..with will happen. Many hugs xx

    1. Asari, it will happen and like me you'll wonder at how "just like that!" It was😄
      Thank you for coming by🌻

  6. So encouraging. Thank you. Really needed to remember today to trust God's perfect timing and be encouraged to step up and just do it! Bless you for sharing. Asari xx

    1. We just have to keep reminding ourselves about how much God loves us.
      When we do we are able to trust better from our hearts.
      Yes o! Just do it😄. In Christ, we always do good!
      Thank you so much for coming🌻

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  8. God is a MOM and a DAD. An Excellent one at that!!! Just the way our earthly parents would go to any length to comfort a genuinely upset kid. They give that child the things he/she doesn't ask for sef. He gave you Paris just like that... without sweat.


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