Sunday, 9 April 2017

Stirring the Embers

My world changed forever on December 28, 2016.

My sister, my AburoChild, Shola Adefolalu Gaska (Sholly) who, as far as I knew was an active and healthy 36-year-old was reported to have died in the hospital. Her husband Qba gave me the shocking news. As I type, I cannot tell you truthfully that I understand what really happened to Sholly. Anaemia, Fibroids, breathing problems and all sorts of confusing pieces of information were being thrown about. Anyway, on January 2, 2017, five days after she dies, her loving husband decided to cremate my sister without allowing ONE single member of my family see her. We are told that as her husband, he had the legal rights to do so. I guess, the law allows him to be heartless too.

Did we ask for an autopsy report? A million times. At first Qba sent us a report which when translated, turned out to be a sort of ‘death notification' and NOT an autopsy report. Next time we asked confronting him with his ‘lie’, he said that since the matter was now with the Police, they would send it to me the ‘official way’. I guess the time for the ‘official way’ has not come because I still do not have the report.

Are we sure an autopsy was even done? Well, we hope so and we have been told that the Prosecutor’s Office in Poland that is investigating this case ordered one and has the results.  Great, there is an investigation! Yes, from the Polish media, we understand this to be true. So, why can’t we get the information from the Prosecutor? Because contrary to what the Nigerian Embassy in Poland made us believe, the Polish Prosecutor is not investigating the case on behalf of the family. They are doing so on behalf of the Polish state. They don’t give a hoot about us. Or what do you want me to say?

For us to get any information from we need a lawyer to register us as ‘interested parties’ to the case in Poland. So, find and engage a lawyer, right? Yes, sounds easy but first we have to find one and then be able to pay him. We are still struggling on both counts. Oh, go to Poland yourselves, it will be easier to find a lawyer and also you need to see where ‘they ‘put Sholly. To go to Poland, you need a visa and the Polish embassy only one human being handling visas so every time you go to their website to seek an appointment date, what do you get? Yes, no available dates. I know. I have been trying since Feb 28. I will keep trying.

Anyway, so in January 2017, my family sent petitions to the following asking them to assist in unravelling the mystery surrounding Shola’s death and hasty cremation:
            The Nigerian President and the following leaders:
·         The Senate President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria
·         The Honourable Speaker of the House of Representatives
·         The Majority Leader, Federal House of Representatives
·         The Honourable Minister of Foreign Affairs
·         The Chairman, Senate Committee on Foreign Affairs
·         Senior Special Assistant on Foreign Affairs and the Diaspora
·         The Head, Nigerian Consular Section
·         The President, Republic of Poland
·         The Ambassador, Republic of Poland
·         The Mayor, City of Krakow, Republic of Poland
·         Policja General Commandant

I just want to thank EVERY single person that signed the  ‘JusticeforShola’ petition on platform. Your support was just phenomenal and I know it helped get our story out there.

A media conference led by Dr. Joe Okei-Odumakin was held in February during which she called on the FGN to step in and help the family get the bottom of this matter.  In addition, several media, print and online have featured the story.

To date, the Office of the Minister of Foreign Affairs has stepped in to the matter and thanks to him, the family was able to meet with the Polish Ambassador in Abuja on February 28, 2017.

We have also sent a request to the Attorney General of the Federation to help us take up this matter officially with the Polish Prosecutor’s Office. This was one of the steers we got from the meeting with the Polish Ambassador. We understand will give us access to information and will make the Polish authorities take this matter seriously. Sadly, the AG’s office basically told us it could not help and that we should go back to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. In our country, clearly, you have to ‘know’ people to get help.  As God would have it, He is my MegaConnection. It’s all good.

I must thank the Polish Police Headquarters though as I did get a response from them acknowledging receipt of our petition. They said it 'was handed over to the Criminal Department Provincial Police Command in Cracow with the purpose of further verification'. That was on March 16. I guess they are still verifying as I have not heard anything since then. But at least they replied right?

Also, the Majority Leader’s office is also aware of the matter and has promised to bring it to the notice of the NASS.  For some reason, I have a lot of confidence in this promise. I pray I am right to do so. Do you know him? Maybe you can ask him how far for us too? Sometimes, I just ask myself: If a Nigerian man did this to a Polish woman here in Nigeria, where would he be right now? Yes, your guess is as good as mine. One thing is clear. He will not be roaming free forming 'I don't want to talk about it'.

Anyway, moving on, my family and I are very eager to get updates on this matter. We cannot afford for the story to go cold. We believe that is what the Polish family is hoping will happen. Their hopes shall be dashed because I will not allow this story go away. It might go quiet but never away and that is one of the reasons for this post. To stir the embers again.  

Maybe somebody who knows the Attorney General will ask him ‘how far’ for us. Why can’t his office help? Maybe somebody who knows the person that gives appointment for visa in the Polish embassy and will help somebody. Maybe somebody who knows the Gaska family will talk to them as ask them to just do the decent thing and tell us what really happened to my sister. Maybe somebody in this country Nigeria, somebody that has the power will demonstrate care and concern like Dr. Oby Ezekwesili did. Now, she acted like a real woman, a mother with a heart. Unlike some others. I shall not name names. But I hope ‘they’ read this and ‘they’ recognise ‘themselves’. All I know is no condition is permanent and Life is a boomerang. What you throw out? Be sure you will get it back.

So, let the embers be stirred quietly. Yes, Sholly rests but there shall be no rest for anyone that might have had anything to do with her passing. Yes, I am, daily, doing my very best to ensure that Grief does not become my middle name but there can not be any peace for anyone sitting on the truth in this matter. Let no one think that my silence on this matter means nothing is going on. 

I have stepped back somewhat to give God full room to do what only He can do. And dear people of the Gaska family, when God is working on something, he does not always show his hand.

But let all those who will get in his way be afraid.

Very afraid.
I used to love this photo......


  1. Good to know you are not giving up. May God do what only he can do in Jesus name amen. Victory is certain!

    1. Yes, victory is certain because it is already won.
      Thank you Abiodun. I appreciate your comment.

  2. GBAM !! This piece says a mighty mighty lot.....God bless u sis and when the mega connection (GOD) is involved.....we can be rest assured he is working.God be praised

    1. God be praised! Always. Always.
      Thanks Bunm.


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