Wednesday, 22 March 2017

The Salt "Hooks Theory"

Is it me or does it feel like there is a conspiracy to kill one's joy going on around us? Sad news just seems to abound. To stay above it all, I keep saying to myself, over and over "My Jesus, you are my Joy and you are Bigger".

Functional Depression. That's what I call what has ailed me at different times in my life. Especially in my late 30s and early 40s. Now, I recognize the warning signs better and snuff them out before I am consumed. 

Functional Depression, according to Salt,  is the kind where on the inside you are in a dark place but on the outside you are all smiles and brightness. You can still do life and those around you have no clue because you are still functioning. 

If you've read any of my Diaries of a DNW and were paying attention, you'd have caught some shards of those times. 

What's funny is that until recently, I didn't even know that what I was going through was depression. I just thought I was really sad about some aspects of my life and just wanted to deal with it in a dark place all by myself. Sometimes I would pray. Sometimes I would not. 

But always I would write. Always, I would play inspirational music. Loud. Ask my children, they will recall a time when CeeCee Winans "Waging War" was on repeat play all day and all night in my bedroom. Because I was waging war for my life and my mind. They thought I was just being "Mommy". 😊

And that's another thing. My children. God's gift to an undeserving me. No matter how dark the moods. No matter how crazy the self-defeating and destructive thoughts, they have never been able to trump the wonder of me being mom to these three wonders of my life. The gratitude I feel in my heart eventually begins to poke holes in the arguments of the taunting voices.

What am I trying to say here? Please in this life you need to have hooks. Yes, hooks. So Jesus Christ is my spiritual hook but my writing, my music, my children and my MGM (when he's not being the cause of my stress himself *rolling eyes while smiling*

They are my sensory hooks. There has to be something or someone that 'anchors' your sanity to the ground. Something or someone that calls your name louder than the voices in your head can scream. 

I love God with all my heart. I'm thankful to him for giving me my hooks. It doesn't diminish my dependence on him in anyway. On the contrary, through them, by giving them to me I see how much he cares for me and loves me. And when I remember that, the fog begins to clear. 

If there is anyone in this family that EVER needs someone to talk to, reach out to me. Being depressed is not a sin. So don't be ashamed or shy. I'm not an expert but together we can talk, pray and best of all try to find your hooks. If you need more than I can offer, we can find someone with the right skills for you. Please none of us, no one we know ..... Should become a statistic for research on depression. Please. 

Stay lifted above it all my people! 
And now more than ever, let's hold fast to our Saltiness❤.
Love you but God loves you way more.

 PapaGod, please breath over this post so it communicates my heart. Or better still, let it communicate your heart. In Jesus Christ name. Amen.

(So after I posted the above on my Salt Talks Whatsapp and Facebook pages, I got a number of inbox messages  and DMs asking me to explain this my 'Hooks' theory. Here was my post in response)

Please, I'm not a Shrink. 
I don't have a single 'kpali'. 
This is purely Salt speak. Based on my 48 almost 49 year old reality. 
Don't quote me. But it works for me.

Sensory Hooks" are people or things that you see, hear, do, taste or touch/feel that give you so much pleasure or lift you so high that the lies of the devil become laughable. Inconsequential. Nonsense. Nothing. 

Think about and figure out what your own hooks are. It's important. Vital. 

Jesus Christ IS Lord of our lives. He is Real but we can't see him.  (I can't or haven't at least). So, sometimes,  I think we need GodGiven and GodApproved things our five senses can relate to. People we love, things that bring us as much joy as our salvation in Jesus Christ does. Just more tangible. 

We need such in our lives to shut down those voices in our head. To negate the darkness.  To give us hope. You know?
But like I said, don't quote me. 
All I know is my "hooks" help me. 

Take a moment and think of what you own hooks might be and then the next time that cloud tries to settle over you, think about or action one of them and see.....

I await your feedback.
Ah, forgot to mention. Yellow is one of my 'Hooks' too.
It's my new black. I wear it in some form every day. To say afloat.

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