Saturday, 11 February 2017

Sholly was Human and That's ALL that should matter!

Jesus, please give me strength!

What a world we live in. What does it matter if Sholly is Nigerian and/or Polish? One way or another, at least one country should be concerned. Why this back and forth? Why is her nationality so critical at this point?

She was human!!!!

And that's what should matter to both Governments! A human being has died under suspicious circumstances and we are asking you to CARE. For once. Please.

My tummy churns at the insinuations that Sholly married for 'paper'. What? As far as I know, you only have to live in Poland for 2/3 years to apply for citizenship. She'd lived there at least 8/9 years before she met and married Kuba. I think she could have sorted herself out if she wanted to.

And even if she did marry for papers, does that make it OK for all that has happened? I shake my head at some of the things I've heard from people who should know better.... and I just thank my stars that my hope and trust is in the Almighty God alone.

Because it would appear that, in Nigeria and Poland, mankind has lost its humanity😢. I'm begging to be proven wrong. I'm waiting for that call or e-mail that will prove me wrong.

And until I do, I will not let this story go away. So help me God🙏🏽



  1. Uchay Ifediniru Onuakalusi12 February 2017 at 05:48

    Ah!😢😢. I pray and I know that God shall awaken SOMEONE who shall hear your voice Aunty Salt. Haba! People are wicked Sha. So if it's for paper, they should begin to waste the life of everyone who did something just for doing? God will judge all of them.

    She was human! She was loved!


  2. Very touching, I pray the Lord perfects the healing of your heart and encompasses you with his love. May you get the desired closure on this issue.


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