Wednesday, 15 February 2017

#JusticeForShola: In Case CNNiReport Does Not Pick My Story

What really happened to Oluwashola Atunrayo Gaska (nee Adefolalu)? 

Sholly, as she was fondly called by most, was a young, beautiful, bright and talented English Teacher, Photographer and budding Filmmaker living in a little Polish town with her husband, Jakub Gaska. 

The 36 year old Nigerian had gone to Poland to study Architecture and Interior Design at the Cracow University of Technology in Krakow, Poland in 2000. On graduation, she decided to make Poland her home. In 2010, she married Jakub and all seemed well with her until December 28, 2016 when her older sister, Bola 'Salt Essien-Nelson received a phone call from Jakub (Kuba) that 'there had been an accident; Sholly had fallen unconscious and had died'. The call was disconnected. When Kuba called back, the story appears to have changed as he now told Bola that Sholly had fallen sick on Dec 27 and had been taken to the hospital where she eventually passed on at 3a.m on Dec 28, 2016. How could this be? Sholly had just spoken to her sister on Dec 24 and she was not sick. They chatted via Facebook on Dec 26 and 27 and still no indication that Sholly would be dead on the 28th.

The Adefolalu family was thrown into shock. Sholly's sister, a totally distraught Salt and her husband, Henry began to make plans to travel to Poland to join the Gaska family to pay their last respects to their sister and wife. Then comes the second bombshell. Kuba informs them that Sholly had asked to be cremated. Unable to believe such a claim (as it is not in the Nigerian culture to be cremated) but not wanting to create unnecessary friction in this already sad situation, the family agreed but asked that he wait for Henry and Bola to get to Poland. Third bombshell. Kuba informed them that he would be unable to wait for them to process their visas which would take ten working days. His plan was to have the cremation done on January 2, 2017; just five days after his wife's death. 

Why the hurry? 

Pleas from his wife's family and Sholly's friends in Poland could not sway him. An official from the Nigerian Embassy in Poland also spoke to him asking him to wait. Jakub refused. His last words on the matter were that 'the cremation will go ahead as planned and there is nothing anyone can do about it'. Now, Salt and her family became suspicious. 
  1. Why was Kuba in such a hurry to cremate his dead wife's body? 
  2. Why did he refuse to allow anybody see her body claiming that Sholly had said that only her sister, Salt was to be allowed to do so? Salt is 12 years older than Sholly so why would Sholly anticipate that she would die before her older sister?
  3. Why was he so reluctant to send photos of Sholly's body to her Sister, Salt? 
  4. Why does the only photo he reluctantly sent appear to show signs of attempts to cover up cuts and bruises to her lip, jaw and head?
  5. Why were there two different versions as to how Sholly had died? 
  6. Why, on Dec 28 had it taken him eight whole hours to call Sholly's sister? She died at 3am and even if it had taken him till 6am or 7am to get himself together, why did he not call till 11.28am? 
  7. Ashes are meant to be kept close by in an urn so why did Kuba bury Sholly's ashes? Why not just bury the body then?
  8. Why was Shola's body sent off so unceremoniously (alone; no family member was present) to be cremated like she had no family? Is this the practice in Poland? Is this how a loved one is treated? No funeral service? Just a graveside burial of ashes? 
  9. Why has he shut down Sholly's Facebook page and deleted her professional photograpy website - Ayofotografia?
  10. Why has Jakub refused to speak to the different journalists that have contacted him? Does he not want to clear our suspicious? Does he not want to give his own side of the story?  
  11. And why, till date is there no autopsy report? No police report? No call from any official to the family? No nothing!

These and many more are the questions the Adefolalu family is asking the Nigerian and Polish Authorities to help it answer.  Petitions have been written and sent to both Presidents and other top government officials of both countries. There is also an online petition addressed to the Mayor of Krakow and the Polish Ambassador in Nigeria. 

It is the hope of the family that the Nigerian Government will put pressure on the Polish Police and Prosecutor's office to get to the bottom of this sad mystery. Losing a loved one is tough enough but finding peace and closure is that much more difficult when questions likes the ones above go unanswered. 


(I really cannot afford to stand around waiting for CNN's approval. If it eventually approves, I shall take this post down and use their link. Till then, I am sharing because this lifts out most of the questions that are giving me insomnia. I am in some mad limbo where I cannot really mourn properly and begin to move on because I am so busy advocating. If I don't do this, who will? I am her mother. It is my duty. Plus, I must. For my family. For my Peace.

Anyway, I know God is working. We will soon get answers. Will we be happy with them? That is another question and we shall cross that bridge when we get there. For now, in the words of Betty Abah, 'we soldier on').


  1. This makes me so sad. I can't imagine how you must feel. Praying for answers.

    1. Me and you both just breaks my heart😢.... Over and over.

    2. It hurts but the truth is starring us all in the face. She was probably murdered and quickly cremated cos her body will speak volumes.

  2. This is one of the most painful news I received in 2016 but in all I know God will come through for my SistaDivine Salt by making sure justice is served to whoever cut off Shola's beautiful life so abruptly. I can only pray that God will strengthen you and your family plus give you all the fortitude to bear this irreplaceable loss. #We soldierOnForShola

  3. I just wished i ve a magic wand to wish this sad event away from you.i know we have a father that never sleeps nkr slumber

  4. I join ur. Family to pray that u get justice. God will fight for u

  5. Oh dear!!! This is a vacuum that won't be filled but may God intervene and grant u answers and justice. And console you.

  6. The one who owns the universe will come through for you in Jesus name,amen This too shall pass and will end in Praise!!!

  7. Hmmm this is rather sad. I pray the truth comes out fast!

  8. So sad. May justice prevail

  9. Sholly's death still remains a huge shock to me, we were close friends in secondary school and still kept in touch as we grew older.She had a good heart and was so full of life. It breaks my heart that such a beautiful life ended so abruptly. May your beautiful soul rest in peace my dear friend Oluwashola.

  10. So sorry for your loss,God will fight for you

  11. May God comfort you and may justice prevail...

  12. Dear Salt,
    This is so sad and so unfair. I pray you get answers so you can get closure. May the Holy Spirit comfort you at this difficult time.


    56 days ago you went silent, and you still speak,
    Reposed, and contented while we still seek.

    Questions remembered, answers forgotten, the kaleidoscope of life no more a mystery.
    Nothing to fathom, no future, no history.
    Shola, Oh no now Sholly knows the whispered truth, triumphant is face of thunderous lie.
    Yes, time is not finite, where you now stop was same as you 1st cast your die.
    Atimes we laugh atimes we wail, all from same mouth.
    As the same sky births the dark night but also the cheery morn.

    56 days ago you went silent, and you still speak,
    Contented and Reposed in Jesus, that we still seek.


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