Friday, 11 November 2016

He may be your will PapaGod but I don't like it

This post is the written equivalent of me screaming into my pillow. 

Or whispering a secret into the wall just to vent without having to share with an actual person. Just because you are not in the mood for a dialogue or understanding or anything. You just want to get it out of your system. And then exhale and move on. 

So, here goes. This week I got sucker punched twice. The first time was when It dawned on me that Mr. Trump had won the US Presidential election. The second was when I got bad news about a good thing I was looking forward to. They both hurt like mad and they both made me want to scream. 

Once again it's one of those cases where God's will just hurts. Yes, I said it and it's not the first time either. There have been many, many times in my life that God's perfect will for my life has been frightfully painful. I didn't like any of it and even now, looking back, while I am grateful for what I learned and who I've become because of those times in my life, I still don't like them.

So, no matter how much of God's Will it is for Mr. Trump to rule the United States of America and I do agree he may be our modern day Cyrus. I mean, after all God used a donkey once and even an ass. So why not Mr. Trump. I'm happy for God to use him. I just don't want anyone to try to tell me that because God is using him, then all of a sudden, he's a nice man. 

I'm sorry for going into 'judge' mode but no, he is not. Forget the media and it's 'hype', I'm basing my stance solely on what I heard come out of his mouth. Unless I'm meant to believe that the clips of him actually saying those sexist, racist things were 'cooked' up by the Democrats? Really? Anyway, until I see something to negate the nastiness that spewed forth out of the abundance of his heart, I'm sticking to my guns. Please this is not being brash or speaking your mind. or being an outsider. This is about demeaning women, inciting racism and basically whipping his country into a feeding frenzy of 'them against us'. 

God's ways are for sure not my ways. Because surely I wouldn't have picked Mr. Trump over Mrs. Clinton. But I'm confident my All-Wise God is up to something. He must be and I'll trust that. Even if I don't like it. True, she is no saint. I get it. But neither is he so why God would pick him over her is a mystery to me. I hear talk about her being pro-abortion and pro-homos. God abhors both activities. But he also asks us to love our neighbor as we love ourselves. Not sure Mr. Trump and his pals in the KKK and the Neo-Nazis got that memo. 

So dear Christian Evangelicals in the US and around the world, while It may be true that Mr. Trump is God's will, it doesn't mean he is good guy. At least, not yet. I see him being more one of the 'ravens' that fed Elijah or maybe.....just maybe Mr. Trump has a 'Saul on the road to Damascus' experience awaiting him in his future. 

*Pillow-muffled scream over*

Remember, I really wasn't talking to anybody. Just my pillow. Trying to exhale my pain away. And I must say. 
I do feel better. 

Like I saw on Mrs. B's page today, all good is not God's will but God's will is always good. I agree. 


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