Monday, 14 November 2016

Happy Birthday to the latest Teenager in our Town!

My dearest LBS

Happy Birthday to you! As I looked at recent pictures of you, I marveled. How time zooms. More importantly, how gracious God has been. No doubt, I'm super rich. Yes, I am. Your Papa and I are blessed beyond belief to call you our own.  You, your older brother and sister. Any day, anytime, I'd choose you three over all the treasures in the world. Any day. Anytime. 

Barring my eternal salvation, you three bring me so much inner contentment as a human being. Thank you. Especially you ( I know you will love that😄! Lol!). It's true, maybe it's a last born thing or maybe it's just who you are, but you express verbally what I believe all my children feel about me. Your Papa. Our lives today and our hopes for tomorrow. You say what you feel, no filters. It worries me and blesses me in equal measures but who is perfect, right? Plus, you know your Mama is a prayer mogul, abi? With, God I got this. I got you. No, scratch that. God's got you. And as you continue to grow up, he will equip you with all you need to live  a godly and abundant life in Jesus Christ name! Amen! 

                        The many faces of my youngest heart.

This last year, we've been through some stuff but you know what? I'm proud of you. You are so real and honest and even as you squirmed, you chose to rise above it all and came out clean. God bless you for me. I'm not sure bullying and all the other stuff will ever go away but I know the God in you is Bigger. You will always choose right. You will always choose life. I decree it and declare it over and into you again today as I do everyday.

I'm so grateful to God for how he's shown up for you in your academics. So glad you are putting in more effort now but like you rightly said, 'it's the power of Mommy's prayer'. You are right and always remember that. Prayer works. You pray and study and pray and study. Then you do it all again with some play in between of course😄. Your sister and I are still amazed by your sudden interest in basketball this year. I shall not lie, I was waiting for the 'I'm done with that' day. I'm still waiting. It feels wonderful! Your commitment and dedication to the game is commendable. Keep it up. Especially as it's clear you are on your way to being my tallest child. Lol! I see great things in your future my dear brand new 13 year old son. Great things. 

So, as you turn teenager today, I want you to know that you have your own personal cheerleading and prayer team by your side. As you have found out, there are unfriendly people out there, same age or a bit older than you. But you must remember that they are not the enemy. But there is an enemy. Yes, you have a real enemy, one that wants to steal, kill and destroy you and every thing you stand for.  Thankfully that enemy, according to the Word of God, has an opponent who’s a force to be reckoned with.

You. Yes, you! You have all you need to defeat this enemy called the devil and be all that God has called you to be. Then of course, you have your Papa. Your Brother. Your Sister.  Me, your Mommy. And a host of family and friends praying for you and all our children. And because we choose to live lives that please God, our prayers are powerful. So you just keep remembering to ask yourself what God would have you do in each situation; keep putting in 150% in your school, being the best you can be at home as a son and brother and believe me, these teen years and beyond will end in praise. Of course, tough times will come but you will rise above them all, grow through them all. Better. Stronger. Smarter. In Jesus Christ name. Amen! 

Anyway, I know you will wonder why this year's letter is so 'heavy', right? I guess it's because you kept telling me you are now a 'man'. Lol! This is serious talk between a mama and her son, the 13 year old who is now a man! Lol! But seriously, this letter is a different because it's important. You really aren't a baby anymore. As much as I would love to hide you in a cocoon and never let you out to be exposed to nonsense, I can't do that. You yourself have seen how easy it is to be drawn into bad. 

So, as you are now 'a serious and reflective dude' this letter presents your first assignment. Something to reflect seriously on😄. I promise you, every day, in one way or another, I shall be crying out for your heart because it's from there that the life you live will flow out from. Trust me, your mommy is not odd. I know many more mommies just like me out there. Lol! 

And today, I use you as a point of contact to all their sons as  I pray to God to create in you a clean heart, and renew a right spirit within you every day. So that when everyone around you is going low. You will go high. You will be light wherever there is darkness. My LBS, my Tubby-Tub(can I still call you that?), you will respect and revere God and listen to his voice only. My mint new teenager, be strong! Be courageous! Do not be afraid of anyone because God  is always by your side. And as your full name asks rhetorically: Who is greater than God? Nobody! So always remember this, OK? In you lives a very Big God! 

Finally my love, my heart, you will be a shining example to other teens around you: the way you talk, the language you use, the way you carry yourself,  the way you treat others. in love, in faith, and in purity every time will make you a positive role model all the days of your life in Jesus Christ's name. I decree and declare! Amen! 

Happy Birthday my one and only LBS! 

We love you so much and give God our highest praise for your life that we know he has hidden nicely in his Secret place. Have a fun and laughter filled day! 

Your Mommy

                                  Twinning or not Twinning, that is the question! 

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  1. I love this birthday message to your son. It's raw, honest and beautiful. Mums are everything.


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