Thursday, 13 October 2016

Don’t Examine Self. Just keep it Crucified.

Now, let me just confess upfront. 

This was hard for me to swallow. I am the self-professed Queen of Self-Examination.  I felt that it was important to take good looks at myself, my walk and my talk from time to time to see how I was doing spiritually.  

But I have recently discovered that this activity is not paying me at all. And if truth be told, may be quite unscriptural. There are very few places in the Bible where we are asked to examine ourselves and none of them asks us to engage in the depression-triggering exercises that my idea of self-examination leads to. 

Self is not meant to be examined. Self, as in my ‘old man’ is meant to be crucified.  Period.
Do this today. Then repeat. daily.

Examining self, looking at it, staring at it, only makes me feel bad. I am not sure how come this has not occurred to me before. It is almost a no-brainer. When you spend your time looking at yourself and how badly you have been doing, one of two things happen. At least if you are me. You either sink into despair and depression or you vex and give up! At least for a while.  Again, this is if you are like me. Haven’t you ever said to yourself that ‘this hell, there will be plenty people there, let us just be going!’ You have not? Never?  

Wow! Well, I have sha. A number of times actually and I just thank God for his continued love and mercy over me.  So, as this new way of thinking slowly sinks into my head, I am seeing how it is the better way.  My PapaGod is not impressed by my self-examination. He just wants me to live led by his Spirit and I can only do that if I stop listening to my flesh. And I can only stop listening to my flesh by keeping it dead. dead. dead.

We cannot make self-better. Let's not even bother. Let's just kill it. 


That is what the Bible asks us to do. Put off the old man with all its sins. Don’t look at your old self. You are what you look at. You become what you stare at. That being the case, I am better off looking to and at Jesus Christ. The more I look at him, the more like him I shall become. Right?

And how do you keep you eyes on Christ? By gazing into the Word of God. Christ is, after all, the Word made Flesh, abi? So, there you have it! Let's anytime you feel tempted to study yourself and your past or current failings, repent and study the Word instead!

You know what? How about you click here to listen to me talking about this on my Salt Talks  page. 

It will be way more fun than reading. Lol! I play music and all that.

Seriously though, please hear me out on this. The devil seeks to keep us in bondage by being too self-involved with our pasts and our current realities. We must loose ourselves from this bondage. We must not allow anything or anyone keep us shackled down like that. OK?


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