Friday, 16 September 2016

Apparently, now, it is not IF, it is WHEN and it breaks my heart

Yes, such is the world we now live in. 

It is not a matter of IF your young child will be exposed to pornography in some form or the other, I understand it is now a matter of WHEN. This makes me so sad but thinking about it, I am not surprised. Just take a look around you. Everywhere you go, there is soft porn all over the place. Call me a prude but women dress almost half naked to church in the name of God sees my heart; you cannot watch the television for two hours straight without being assailed by some form of near nudity or the other; I doubt you can listen to the radio for one full day without something non PG-rated hitting you through the sound waves. Even some of the commercials are suggestive. And sadly, as I have just found out, even our school play grounds and corridors are filled with children who now think that "Porn is Fun".

* my heart breaks*

When my LBS was being bullied in his school, I approached the Head of School. He passed me to the Chairman of PTA (Don't ask me why) and the Chairman never returned my calls or kept his promises to connect. So, I am sad to say that I have given up on his school. I have no confidence in its desires to accept there is a problem that needs fixing. Ideally, I should take this new found discovery about 'porn' playing on the school playground to the Head of Secondary School, but I don't 'have their energy'. I prefer to just focus on calling on you instead. 

Yes, you, my co-Parents. We need to take steps to ensure the minds, souls and spirits of our children are preserved from this evil. We are the ones God has entrusted his children to. Not the schools.But how?  I am no expert but here are some commonsense steps I believe we must take NOW:

1. PRAY. Yes, start with God. We need wisdom. We need grace. We need discernment. Talking to God through this all has really helped me. There have been days I have been so upset with myself, blaming myself, back and forth and back and forth. Being able to go to God and seek peace and direction has really helped me. And I am happy to see that all he has directed me to do are all in line with what I have been reading online. Which is as it should be. God knows ALL. God knows BEST. So go to him first.

2. Pornography is propaganda and generates destructive myths about sexuality. That is why there are some children going around chanting 'Porn is Fun' to other innocent ones as young as 10 and waking up thoughts and feelings that have no business being awakened! So first and foremost, We must TALK TO OUR YOUNG CHILDREN ABOUT SEX. 

Can you honestly say that you have provided a comprehensive sex education that truly equips your child with the truth expounded in the Bible? We must do so in love! Setting proper foundations for understanding a Christian sexual ethic is a crucial step in protecting children from later sexual disorder. Frankly, no age is too young now. Have you been to parties lately? Do you see how some young children dance? Yes, if they can dance like that, then they can understand sex talk. 

I invite you to listen to this video. If you want a PDF copy of "Parenting the Internet Generation", that is being talked about in the video, please send an e-mail to me at I will send it to you. 

3.  Take steps to prevent the exposure as best you can. SCREEN EVERY FORM OF MEDIA to ensure you.  block out all  "triggers" that could serve as a gateway to exposure for your children. If the problem occurred with the Internet, a filter can be one of your strategies, although it can never replace parental supervision and involvement.

4. DO NOT ALLOW SOLITARY INTERNET USAGE. Children should only have access to the internet with adult supervision. Move the computer to the family room where others can easily view the screen and make sure they cannot use any of their other internet enabled devices alone. 

5. Be sure to SCREEN your child's friends. This might seem tough but unless you are 100% sure of the core values of a child's family, you must take steps to protect yours. Ask questions. Right now, I am not allowing my LBS visit anyone. They can come over to my house but he will not go to theirs UNTIL I am sure they are supervised during the entire visit. I can only control that in my home. 

6. PRAY. Yes, pray again! God is Love and everything we are to do above must be done in Love. Our children must understand that we are coming from a place of Love. You can only do so by spending time with Love Himself. I love this prayer at the end of the Chapter 1 of Parenting the Internet Generation and will close with it:

 Our Dear Fsther and MightyGod, we are venturing into enemy territory and so we ask you to
be our strength and our shield (Psalm 28:7). The enemy is fighting hard to claim
the hearts and minds of our kids through their technology. The Internet can be
such a huge blessing. We can spread the Good News of Jesus Christ like never

But, like anything that is good, we know that evil wants to twist and turn
it in a deadly direction. Lord, give us the wisdom and the perseverance to parent
well in this digital age. We know that we can’t do it without you. Bless us now in
the name of Jesus Christ. Amen!

And I say an even louder AMEN!!!!!!

Satan will not have our children! 


  1. Thank you Salt for reminding us of our grave responsibilities towards our children.

    1. Thank you for coming by BigSis. May God continue to help us parent his children.

  2. It is scary but we will continue to pray for our children and educate them. Thank you for putting these down and it is my prayer that as parents we will do our part and not fail.

    1. Amen!!! With God on our side we can't fail. We just won't let the devil have our children!
      Thank you for coming by Sis.

  3. I pray with all fervency that the Lord will protect the minds of our children from the no longer subtle assault of the enemy in Jesus name. I pray for grace and strength for us as parents to stand strong against the incursions of the enemy into our God-given territories. Thanks for sounding the alarm.

    1. With God on our side we will win.
      Thank you Sis!!!


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