Monday, 12 September 2016

An Important Letter to all Parents (Or make your child a VAB)

Another school year is here!

It is so amazing to see my LBS starting a new year. I bet you are just as happy as I am and just as thankful to God for keeping your children throughout the last year too, right? 

But as I watched my LBS go off on that first day of his Year 8, I could not help the pang of anxiety that clutched my heart. Will he be bullied again? Will other students 'borrow' his pens and pencils by 'force'? I am all for sharing but why boys and girls just enjoying taking other people's stuff without there permission (please read stealing) for fun is beyond me!

I spoke to LBS about this and made him promise that IF the ugliness reared its head again, he would let me and his Papa know asap. Of course he laughed and reminded me that he was in Year 8 now! That it was only the Year 7s that got bullied. I was grateful he did not seem to be worried about it but as he walked away, the sadness lingered in my heart that there would still be some children in our schools who  would be bullied. But we can help reduce these numbers greatly. How?

That is the subject of this letter to you. Please read and please, please ACT.. 

Dear Mom and Dad:

I need a favour. I know you are busy so I'll try to keep this short. I promise. *smiling*

I'm seeking young people to take a stand against any form of bullying they witness in their schools and I need your help with educating your children about this scourge.

Bullying, especially verbal bullying or 'yabbing' is becoming so rampant in schools these days and I come to beg you to encourage your children to become a "VAB". What does that mean?  It means your child will be a: Voice Against  Bullying. 

Will you help me with this? 

Please just sit down with your children and explain what bullying is and have them promise not to be one. Bullying is mean and it's pushing our children into very sad places. Bullying goes beyond hitting or pushing. To help you, below are the types of bullying you must ask your children to look out for when they are in school:

Physical bullying:
Hitting, kicking, or pushing someone...or even just threatening to do it
Stealing, hiding, or ruining someone's things
Harassment, humiliation. Making someone do things he or she doesn't want to do.

Verbal bullying (In Schools, it's called "Yabbing")
Name-calling, Teasing, taunting
Insulting or otherwise verbally abusing someone

Relationship bullying (Girls are experts at this generally
Refusing to talk to someone 
Excluding someone from groups or activities
Spreading lies or rumors about someone

My dear parents, please explain to your children that while bullying may seem like fun, it is not.
Anything that hurts people's feelings is not funny.  Let them understand that some bullied children have gone on to harm themselves because of bullying? Some even kill themselves! As parents, we cannot sit by and let this happen? 

So please, explain to your children and make them promise that when ever they see bullying happening, they will SPEAK UP! 

Role play with them and show them how to intervene nicely. Show them how, if the bully does not stop, they must go tell a teacher. Or the Head boy or girl. Or the House Master or Mistress. 

And most of all, make them promise that if, God forbid, they become targets of a bully, they must tell you at once! Bullies win because bullied children stay silent. That has to stop! And that's why I'm sending you this letter. To seek your support. Let's get our children looking out for each other!

So dear Parent, are you with me? Will you get your child or children to be VABs? I can only thank you but I'm certain God will reward your care and concern for others big time.

Thank you so much! 


  1. Thanks for sharing salt! My kids are quiet small but I can tell signs of bullying can be seen from such a young age. I'll educate my kids these evening. God bless


    1. Please do IBK. There is a talk for every age.
      Just like for sex education.
      Thanks a lot.

  2. Parents should talk to their children /wards. Being a polite and well mannered child doesn't mean others should bully him/her. Bullying is wrong but why aren't I even surprised? Adults even bully as well, a times even hiding under " I'm a Christian " to frustrate others. Charity begins at home. Salt I trust God that my handsome boy will enjoy his year in Jesus name.

    1. My Sister, that is the koko of the matter. THE HOMES...

      Amen and Amen o!!!! Thank you o jare.


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