Sunday, 28 August 2016

You would have been 71 years old today...Imagine that

Happy Birthday Mom! 

I have been having conflicting feelings about you but I'm happy to report that the one feeling that is trumping all others is gratitude. Yes, I think of you today and I'm grateful to God for my life. And for Shola and Tokunbo. Because all three of us are doing just fine. So Happy! Happy! Happy Birthday Mom! Thank you for helping me appreciate all that I have even more today. Chief of which is Life! 

Were you still here you would be 71 years old today. Imagine that! I try to visualize what you would look like.  I was chatting with your Daughter, my AburoChild three days ago (as usual I was mixed up about your birthday being the 25th or 28th) and we were just amazed at how much time had gone by. I'm in awe of how much we've grown. How far we've come. How much we've won! Thinking of you makes me more mindful of my blessings!  Thank you Mom! It's your birthday but you are the one giving me a gift. The gift of a grateful heart. For the greatest gift from God there is: Being Alive! 

Kai, but I miss you sha Mom. 30 years is a long time to not have a mother! I wonder how people can have moms still alive and not contact them often. I would do anything to be able to call you up on the phone right now! Just to hear your voice and see if it matches what I hear in my heart.  But it's all good! Salt is 'aight. 

I just pray some son or daughter doing such will wake up today and make that call. Yes, in fact, how about we do this Mom? How about we say that as a special birthday present to you on what would have been your 71st birthday, any child that has not spoken to his/her mother in over 7 days do so pronto? Good idea, right? Yes, I think so too.

Rest on Mom. 
And please give my love to Prof and Uncle Joseph and Pastor Eskor. And Joan. And Tayo Aboaba. And Uncle Kobina. 

Salt to You: Don't just call your mom/parents up more often. Every chance you get, take photos! So you will not end up struggling to find one photo you like that you had not used before! I didn't get a chance to store up photo memories with my mom. You do. Don't waste it. 

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