Wednesday, 10 August 2016

My Pastor B! Happy Birthday!!!

I have known Pastor B for over fifteen years. But strangely it feels like I've known her all my life. I still remember the first time she spoke to me. A cheque I had written in favour of my church had bounced and she walked up to me and nicely told me about it. You would have  thought she had done something wrong. Her tone was almost apologetic. I thanked her and promised to sort it out. Considering that in my mind she was more or less Pastor Eskor's right hand person I was stunned by her gentle, self-effacing demeanor. But grateful for how she handled it because my own feeling of shame did not need additional stress😍.

Do you know something? Between that time and today, I'm not sure how I grew to love and respect Pastor B so much! It just happened! Lol! My MGM and I started attending Saturday Praying Meetings at City of David and I know between that and sitting under the teaching of Pastor Eskor all those years,  I grew spiritually. I just thank God for that season of my life. I know deep down that God used these two people to refine me...from the pulpit. 

Now, that I think of it (being as I'm thinking as I'm typing😄) I believe my bond with Pastor B took on a new fondness in MercyPlace. Yes, that's where I made her my Spiritual Mentor. Without her permission of course! Lol! She is not fond of 'funny' titles and does not stand on ceremony. So our relationship only has a name in my head. On the outside of my head, she is just my Pastor B💕💕💕. Being as she belongs to me personally! Lol! 

She is my listening ear. My caring heart. A true SeniorSistaPillar. A no nonsense woman of God. She is one of the people whose faces I see when I think of those I'd hate to let down. Yet I know that even as she reads these words she would be the first to set me straight. "Bola, are you alright? Stop being funny. It's God's opinion you need to worry about o". Yes, this is likely to be her response. Lol! 

My Pastor B! It's your birthday today and I just want to celebrate you. I am so grateful to God for connecting our dots. I thank Him for your life and the many like me that are being blessed from knowing you. Happy Birthday! I love and appreciate you and pray God gives you many more years filled with health, wholeness, inner peace and outer joy! And may He grant you your deepest heart's desires In Jesus name Amen!!!

It's me your BolaSalt❤️.

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