Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Meeting with The Women At The Well

- dedicated to every single woman that was at the well that glorious day, July 30, 2016.

If I had to capture my experience that day in one word, it would be 'Adventure'.

The location was exotic and I loved the fact that I got to walk through nature and wear rain boots! I could not remember when last I had the opportunity to do those two simple yet rare things. I have to commend Frances Okoro, the convener for her choice of location cos once I got over my initial fright of falling into the lake, I totally enjoyed my trek to the location. I was just so upset I was not wearing my pedometer to count my steps! I would surely have had over 10, 000 steps that day! *laughing*

But I think what got to me the most and what has stuck in my mind is that I really got the impression that these young ladies were sincere about living their single lives God's way. I am not saying they came off 'forming' perfection but you could tell that the desire of their hearts was to please God.  That is what I got and I pray I am not wrong. 

Yes, like I prayed at the end of the gathering that day, may God use that meeting and any other means necessary to lock those ladies down in His Will for them. May the idea that marriage cannot work be deleted from those minds who thought so. May the faith ignited in those who now see that marriage can work if done God's way never die out. May the women I sat with at the well on Saturday, July 30, 2016 never lose their joy in seeking The One who met one woman at the well many, many, many years ago. And like the woman He met, may their lives too continue to draw others to Christ every day! 

I will remember that day for a long time. I hope they do too and not that I was there. No, I want them to remember all that they heard from their God on that day. For if these women remember. If they continue on this path they are on, I believe that the men that will find and marry them, would have found a good thing indeed. A complete woman. A woman who knows who she is in Christ. A woman who knows she was created to be the solution to her husband's 'problem'. 

A woman who will be a Strong and Empowered Helper. A Necessary Ally. A part of his life without which he knows he cannot succeed.

Yes, that is my prayer for you, dear woman at the well. That is my prayer for all of us who are married right now. For indeed, as married women, after God, our marriages are our first ministry.

This is my Salt-belief,

image courtesy of Goodle images.

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