Sunday, 21 August 2016

Just Wait!

honestly had no plan whatsoever of blogging about this but I can't see how I have a choice in the matter. How come? You see,  I had a dream last night and what I'm about to share now in this post I saw myself posting in my dream. If that's not a God errand I don't know what is. I take it someone needs this message right now. I really pray you are reading it. And I really pray you listen. God's Love for you is reaching out to save you! 

Just wait!

There is nothing that justifies sex before marriage. Nothing. 
If you are a child of God. 
If you seek to obey Him. If you want to please God.
If your plan is to do courtship and marriage God's way.
For you, your future spouse and children. Please....
Just wait!

If you are with someone, dating someone, engaged to someone that is pressuring you to have sex before marriage you need to sit back and ask yourself if you are with the right person. 
If this is a Christian somebody, I would  love to hear how s/he explains how this can be OK with God. 
If this person insists on these pre-marital funny moves even after you explain how it's wrong?
Then dear one reading this right now?

God is telling you to...

Just run! Fast! Now! 

That person can't be your GodChosenSpouse. 

So that's basically what I saw myself posting in my dream. Please don't shoot the messenger. I'm just obeying my PapaGod.

I hope you choose to do so too.



  1. Good one my sister. There is indeed a way that seems the right unto a man (woman too o!) but the end is death and destruction. God bless and strengthen you.

    1. Amen!!!! Thank you Anonymous. And you too!

  2. Ogbole Oghedegbe


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