Saturday, 2 July 2016

Things Could Be Worse

But they are not.

So, please take a moment first and just thank God for that. Great. Thank you. 

I was in a bus coming back from Yaba on Thursday when I saw her. She was wearing a black skirt and blouse. Her outfit looked tired. Her shoes scruffy. I had enough time to see the white patches of dry skin around her elbows because she was standing there at the bus-stop, arms folded across her chest, her bag hanging loosely by her side. As much as I noticed all this, what left an indelible print on my mind was how sad, deeply sad this woman looked. If Sadness was a person, she would be it. If you asked me what hopelessness looked like, I would point to her. Right there and then I wanted to jump off the bus, go to her and ask her what was wrong. I wanted to hug her and make her magically feel better. I didn't though. I mean, who does that right? 

I didn't help her and now I can't stop thinking about her. Praying for her. Trusting God to sort her out. I can't also stop thanking her. She helped me clear away cobwebs of discontent that had unconsciously gathered over my mental space.  My! My! My! There are people out there going through things oh! There is much pain and suffering going on and without meaning to belittle our pain and suffering, we, OK let me speak for myself, I cannot honestly say there is anything in my life right now that could make me look the way this woman looked. And so, in spite of my issues, I really must keep focussing more on all that's working and just be more thankful. Because.....

Things could be worse. 

And while it might be difficult to help a random woman on the streets, let's be more aware of people closer to us that might need help. Yes. True, we all need help. Me sef, I need epp and I believe that as we reach out to help others, God will, through others, reach out to help us. 

Just thought to share. 

And yes, Happy New Month by the way! How about we make July our month of random acts of kindness to people who can't give us anything back in return. 

Hope you join me because the truth is no matter how tight your shoes are, someone out there has no feet. And remember, some of the purest acts of kindness don't cost one brass farthing.


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