Saturday, 23 July 2016

Pleading Your Case and Another Reason The Blood of Jesus Christ Is SuperImportant

Many years ago I was taught that the more effective response to the prayer "We plead the Blood of Jesus Christ"  was not to just chant back " Blood of Jesus!'. I was taught the response should be "Amen!". And personally, that made sense because Amen means "So Be It!"

I plead the Blood of Jesus Christ over you reading this right now! 
So Be It! 
I plead the Blood of Jesus Christ over your family! 
So Be It! 

Yes, when Pastor Eskor Mfon of blessed memory taught me this, it stuck. So till tomorrow, you'll not hear me respond to the prayer any other way but by saying "Amen!". Because, I believe I'm activating the power better than by just chanting it back. It meant that I was not depending on the words but rather I had an understanding of the awesome power these words 'contain'.

And today, I learned some more about pleading the Blood of Christ! You know me, I must share. Maybe, there are others like me who've been missing out on this. 

Now, can all the lawyers in the house please stand up? You will get this right off the bat. When you plead a case for your client in the courtroom, what are you doing? 

I'm not a lawyer but I imagine you would stand before the Judge and you will say" Your Honour, I stand before you today  in defense of Salt. On account of evidence A, B, and C, I summit to you that Salt is innocent and should be acquitted of all charges. Not only that, we ask that all property and belongings in the Accusers's custody should be restored to my client. Something like that. Right? 

That's the same way we ought to plead our cases using the Blood  of Jesus Christ. Pastor B taught us this during today's Saturday Prayer Meeting. When we go before the court of Heaven we have the legal right, through the Blood of Jesus Christ, to enter a plea and lay claim to the evidence: 

A. His shed Blood
B. The Finished work on The Cross
C. The Stripes on His broken Body

and use them to "debunk"  the power of sin, affliction, death and hell over our lives! AND then stand on them to lay reclaim every thing the sum total of the above evidence give us!!! Forgiveness! Cleansing! Freedom! New Life! Blessings! Breakthrough! Healing! Spiritual Re-Awakening! Wholeness! Deliverance! 

I think for the first time in my life I prayed some of the most effective prayers of my adult life pleading the Blood of Jesus Christ today. Knowledge is indeed Power.  I left that prayer meeting knowing I had just gone up one more rung on this GodLadder I'm climbing in this season of my life.

One more thing! 

Remember the Israelites when Pharaoh was dragging with God?  Just like for them, the Hand of God is over me and mine, so even as the Angel of Death is moving over this our Egypt of a World, we are safe because I just pled the Blood of Jesus Christ over my entire family by blood, marriage and by GodConnection. Yes! That includes you too. 

But, there is nothing like PIY. Plead it Yourself. Remember each family had to mark their own homes. So you too take out time to mark the sides and tops of the door frames" of your lives with The Blood of Jesus Christ yourself. 

Because no matter how much I love you, I can't cross over into your Promised Land for you. 

Can I?

PapaGod, please let this post make sense to those who need to get this. Breathe on it. Please in Jesus Christ's name. Amen! 

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