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July 16 2016

I searched in my heart for a fitting title for this post. None came to me. So, I'll just title it using the date. And that actually makes sense because like I told Beloved (the name God placed in my heart for my prayer buddy, Anthonia), for many of us at ROTH yesterday, July 16, 2016 will go down in our lives as a date to remember. A defining moment. 

So, here is fair warning. There is NO way I will be able to share everything in my heart about ROTH 2016 in a post. In fact, I was not even going to try. My plan was to just 'charter' the CDs and give anyone interested. But this morning, when I woke up, I knew I had to. Why? Because I saw myself doing so in my dream. Sharing the 'Boom-worthy' things that each Speaker said that made the "babies" in me leap for joy. 

This post is important because it's me being obedient. One of the things I've been praying for ardently is to hear God more clearly. For Him to guide me using dreams and visions. So I'm taking this as my first 'test'. I'll be doing this sort of personal-like but somehow, I trust God's Spirit in you to connect the dots in a way that speaks to your life personally. So here goes: 

Coach Anna to Salt:
Today,  It's time to give birth to what you have been carrying in you. But to give birth, you first of all need to know what you are carrying. Do you know? ( I knew; I have know for years but been too scared/lazy/doubtful to accept the pregnancies. I wrote them down. Write yours down. )

Coach Anna continued.  Now, here's what you need to carry these pregnancies to term and bring them forth: Get more of the Holy Spirit in you to energize  you when you get tired cos pregnancy is not beans+ Surrender ALL to God cos He is the One that will bring these babies out + Do Not Panic so your fear doesn't abort your seed or make you push when it's not time+ Be Disciplined + Be the Re-Branded Salt. The Salt that walks by the Spirit of God onlyOnce you do this then just begin to PUSH. Pray. Until. Something. Happens. Until you bring forth your 'baby'

Pastor Mayokun Oreofe to Salt:
What's your tag line? 
Salt to Pastor Mayokun : Seasoning lives with words for positive change to the glory of God

Good, for 'these babies' you are carrying in you to achieve that you  need to connect with your God-appointed midwives. This birthing journey cannot be done solo. You need midwives. Who are they? Ask God. ( I did right there and I kid you not, God told me. Who are yours?) 

Pastor Mayokun continued: Salt, be uncomfortable because whatever it is you've done, you are not through. Do not tabernacle here. Your God still has much for you to do. (this was like a splash of cold water in my face! But in a good way because I had been feeling an unease in my spirit about my walk and work for God for a while but I had many reasons for not moving. How about you?)  

Mama Wallace inspired me to pray: 
PapaGod, let your Holy Spirit overshadow me today so that I can live and operate for the realm of the Supernatural and touch lives for good.  I sang with her with all my heart asking the Holy Spirit to consume me  and use me! She connected me with Beloved as she made us pair up and speak Life into our partners! Boy, did we pray over each other! I'm confident something shifted in my life because of Beloved's prayers. I trust my PapaGod that same goes for her. And thanks to Mama Wallace, I have a new DestinySister. 

BMM to Salt:

My sister, for you to conceive, there must first of all be intimacy. Apart from Mary, mother of Christ, there is no way for conception to occur if a man and woman don't become intimate. So the babies you carry? Are they the outcome of you being intimate with God? (I can't tell you how relieved I was to know my answer was 'yes'. How do I know? Cos they looked too big for  me, so impossible. Hence my inaction. All this while I've  been scared into immobility. Not anymore. Thank you Jesus!) 

If you are unsure of what you carry in your spiritual 'womb'. 'If you keep aborting your creative/business/ideas babies'. Or maybe you don't even conceive at all. No future ambition. No clarity on your purpose. In the words of BMM, check your intimacy levels with God. 


If you look closely, you will see a common thread running through all the above. These are my personal notes but I bet if anyone else shared their notes too, the same  thread will come through: To run your race, to fulfill your purpose, to bring forth   life-giving and impactful 'babies' you MUST be connected to God AND you can't go it solo.  No woman is an island. 

To these four special beautiful-on-the-outside-empowered-on-the-inside women of God, it's impossible to do your messages justice in a blog post. Please manage me *smiling* but I pray I've shared enough to make readers want to get the CDs.  

PapaGod, please breathe on this post. Cover up anything I may have written amiss but magnify ALL that you agree with and want your daughters (and sons) to get from this. So that they can Run! Find! And Fulfill Destiny! 

To God be the glory! 

P.S I'm still getting five sets of the CDs. Two are spoken for already. So, first three people to inbox me at with name, delivery address and phone number get the rest. 



  1. Lara Kayode aka MamaMo17 July 2016 at 09:20

    Thank you Salt for your obedience to the Spirit! I also begin the process for birthing, building intimacy with the Father , for conception of that which I was born to carry to full term and to birth in due season, under the watchful eye of the most skilful midwife, the Comforter, Helper, the Holy Spirit! The price I must pay is that of developing and maintaining intimacy, a continuos, consistent deep intimacy with God. That way I will not birth any baby out of His will and without His approval. Help me Lord! God bless you.

    1. In one paragraph you have more or less summarized everything we heard at ROTH and everything you will hear on the CDs. In thus your prayer slash confession, you echo my heart.
      And best of all you too recognize that our Chief MidWife, the Matron in charge of all our other midwives is our God Himself!

      God bless you too!!!

  2. Yesterday...

    No words...

    I was glad to hear Mama Wallace prophesy over me and everything she said were things I had gotten insight from God on already but just didnt know how big they were or just how serious God was about them.

    For so long I haven't been able to 'see' like God told Abraham to do.... I was just stuck in a place where yes I still believed but not so actively as to run with it with God's mind in sight.
    Finally yesterday, I could SEE.
    And know that the time is now.
    God doesn't want me sulking anymore, He wants me to move.

    I noted the midwives question to ask God tonight during my orayer time. I prayed for midwives but didnt ask for names, asked to be led to them. Will ask for names and get that part started upo.

    God bless you Aunty Salt for I have my journals but will come here when I need to again hold on to what I heard and grasped yesterday like Aunty Irene told me to do..hold on to them.

    Off to also share with our ladies...

    *Love* ma'am....

    1. How I'm just seeing this is beyond me but Praise God!!!!!!
      For many, it was a defining moment.


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