Wednesday, 20 July 2016

C'est Quoi, Salt Talks?

Salt Talks est exactement ça: Salt Talking.

OK, fear not, I am not going all French on you. Yes, Salt Talks is really just what it means, me talking. Salt talking, sharing, verbally musing just like I do here but this time, you will actually be able to hear me. I love it!

Remember my last post about ROTH how I shared that when Coach Anna asked us if we knew what 'babies' we were carrying and how I said I knew mine? Well, while I will not share with you the exact gender of my baby *smiling* I can tell you this:

I am confident that Salt Talks is God's way of preparing me for my baby when it is full term and ready to be born. You know, like you go for pre-natal classes? Yes, I am 'pregnant' and every time you listen to a Salt Talk you are helping me breathe in and out.  So WHAT exactly am I going on about?

Me being sprinkled out in a new way
by my PapaGod!

(photo courtesy of Google images)
To the glory of God alone, I have created a Whatsapp group called Salt Talks. And just like I come here to share in writing, I will via that group share but this time via voice memos!!! It is a new way to sprinkle some more salt on my patch of this world! I just love it! 

I have shared three already and I cannot tell you  how excited I am about this. Because, deep in my heart I know THIS is me. I have always said I was created by God to use my VOICE to lead people to my God.  It is true, writing is one way of using my voice but this time, I am REALLY using my voice. What an Awesome God we call Papa. His plans for us all can never be thwarted.

So, in a nutshell, that is what Salt Talks is all about. You know me, I have never said that I am the custodian of all wisdom. In fact no one is. That belongs to God and God alone. So I will just be coming on 'air' to share my thoughts as I am led about any and everything. I have so much fun recording the talks that I will still share them in the group even if no one listens....BUT please listen o! Lol! And share you thoughts about what you hear. 

Are you reading this and you and I are not connected yet and you would like to be part of the group. Inbox me your number via and it will be my honour to add you to the group. 

Worried about notification pop-up nuisance factor? Me too. So when a Talk is shared, and you have a comment or want to say anything about it, please send it to JUST me. Not to the group. But the reality is that I may not be able to control that so hopefully, if you enjoy the talks enough, you will not let the conversations that may ensue chase you away. *smiling* And who knows, someone might just say something that will edify you and others too. Abi? Eh-hen! Iron sharpens iron.

So there you have it o! As I have begun my walk to my new level of fulfilling purpose, I pray you do too. The next Salt Talk airs tomorrow night at 9pm by the Grace of God. You don't want to miss it. I am going to be talking about a truly, edifying book! Among other things!  

God is leading me step by step so as the modalities change, I promise to keep you posted.

For now, in all your getting, be sure that the chief thing you are getting is God.


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