Thursday, 16 June 2016

Pray. Don't talk (Dealing with Family wahala)

JMy family and I just buried our brother, husband, father, uncle, fatherinlove and grandad. We did cry at some points but generally, we all just celebrated his life. I mean, four children and eleven grand children! To weep as those without understanding would be even sadder than losing him. In all things we gave and will continue to give thanks to God! He took us to Calabar, was our Source, made all things including the weather favour us and brought us all back safe and sound! Come on! What an awesome God we serve.  

Back home, as I now get ready to go back to work, I'm just tired. Head pounding, knees and body aching yet very Thankful. Very. Yet in  the midst of the good, I've had the sad. Shockingly sad. There are times you just wonder why you give so much only to be treated so badly. I have no words to explain how I feel right now. And to be honest it's better I don't speak. It's such a pity though cos you do your best for those you love and they just take you for granted. Treat you anyhow. Talk to you anyhow. I guess they feel they don't really need you anyway. They are now all knowing and all wise. They believe your stress is too much. You know what?  It's fine. There comes a time in one's life when you just step aside and let Life have its way in the lives of those you love. Siblings, Spouse and Children.  

I may not have my own words to describe how I feel right now but I have these words: Do not let the bad behavior of others steal your inner peace. For now, that is my stance and it shall be my state of mind. To each his or her own. As you make your bed, get ready to snuggle up in it. 

As for me, I'll just continue to do what I am learning to do better. Shut up. Chill. Pray. 

I see now, it'll pay me better than talking. 




  1. God strength is yours now and always. Major things get transformed in prayer, praise God.

    1. Indeed. Talking to God about these things, finally seeing them through His eyes...
      You then see how small they are compared to Him. And how little they really matter in the wider scheme of things......
      Thanks Jennifer A.


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