Saturday, 14 May 2016

The Nameless Woman from Abel

2 Samuel 20 : 22
Then the woman went to the people with her wise advice, and they cut off Sheba’s head and threw it out to Joab. And he blew the trumpet and called his troops back from the attack, and they returned to the king at Jerusalem.

Many times, I read some parts of the Old Testament Bible and just shake my head. The people back then had some serious issues. Human life was just so cheap. Kai! Thank you Lord for Jesus Christ! But that's not the point of my post today. Today, I'm just here trying to figure out how to be powerful yet nameless. Let me explain. 

Before I explain though can you do me a favour and go read all of 2nd Samuel 20? Then come will help you better understand this my post. 

Read it? Good. Thank you. Now, who is the hero of the story you just read? Who saved the day in Abel? Sorry? What did you say? Some woman? A woman? Yep! It was a woman alright! Do you notice that the Bible doesn't care to tell us her name and since I've come to believe that God put all we NEED to know in His book, I take it He is saying we don't need to know her name. 

Guess what else we don't need to know? We don't need to know her Age. Marital status.  Visa status. Tribe. Biological status. Academic or Professional qualification. Pedigree.  Where or how much she buys her clothes. If her accent is bush or phonetically engineered. But what do we need to know? 

That she was a confident, wise woman that commanded respect!!!! She had the confidence to approach Joab. The Bible clearly says she was wise. And the people of Abel listened to her when she spoke. Not just women o! Not just children! Not just the young men! ALL the people including the elders of Abel listened to her wise advice and followed her instructions! 

And that, dear reader, was the end of the hothead Sheba. And that was how the city of Abel was saved. Thanks to a woman whose name the Bible doesn't care to mention. 

Because while names are important, it's the story behind us as people, our contributions to the planet, the legacies that we will leave behind for people to read and talk about; how people will feel about us after we are dead and gone....

All that, I believe, is what will give our names or anything we claim to be TRUE and LASTING meaning. 

Or how do you see it? 

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