Friday, 27 May 2016

Letter to my children on Day 2 of being 48.

First of all, thank you for my birthday card. I love words. You will not understand how much your words written in your own handwriting mean to me. I will treasure them for ever. I mean it. 

You three are my world and I really just want you know. My prayer is that knowing you have my unconditional love as well as God's will keep you lifted no matter what. Your Papa and I just want the best for you but never let us or anyone else push you to a place where you feel pressured to do or be anything. Sometimes, I think we parents don't realise how our desires for your best can easily become too much pressure.  A friend's child committed suicide recently. I can't imagine her pain. I don't want to ever know it. He left a note that suggests the pressures of life got to him. At his young age? What pressures? Grades. Girls. Goals. 

Please never feel pressured. Please never feel pressured. Please never feel like you can't come to me to talk it out. I admit I may not handle all talks well but I've never been a mom to three young people before. I'm a learner. But I'm always here and no matter what, my motive is love. So please know you can always count on me. Always. And as you know, I count on God. That brings me to my next point.

Your walk with God. Please cultivate it. See, life is not meant to be this tough. It's hard because we rely on Self so much. Trusting God brings peace and contentment. Above all, it removes fear. Once a day, find time to spend with God. I'm sure there is an App out there that can help you. Lol! But seriously of all the things I tell you THIS is the most important. A life without God is a very dark place. You know I pray for you all the time but more and more you need God direct. Not via Mommy. 

Be there for each other.  Build each other up. The world is mean. Be each other's safe haven. Do it for me. Please. Being nice to people outside counts for nothing if you don't start from yourselves. I know siblings sometimes fight and get on each other's nerves but at the end of the day, each of you must know you've got each other's back. 

So, here I am 2 years away from 50 and I promise you there are many things I thought I would have done by now. Many include food. Hehehehe. But I've not. But I'm content. I'm at peace with my NOW. Trusting God for the next step. I'm married to a great guy that I know loves me and I have three children that I'm so proud of. I feel so blessed to be your mom. I look at you guys and I'm amazed. I wish you could see yourselves through my eyes. Or better still through God's eyes. You'd never feel anxious again. 

Anyway, my point is: Live guys! Enjoy your now! Treat every day like the precious gift it is. Show up and just be the best YOU that you deserve. Don't compete with anybody.  This life is not a competition. Just Do You! Respect people. Be compassionate. Don't judge anybody. You don't know their full story. Treat people as you would want them to treat you. 

And yes, get tight with God. He's More Powerful than I am. Lol! 

From my heart


P.S. Yes, this is going on my blog. But at least I share with you first. Lol! 

Salt Essien-Nelson
''As long as my God is in it, it will always end in praise"


  1. Your daughter.. your carbon copy..down to your smiles even... wowzers!

    1. I love it when people say that! Thank you!

  2. Beautiful letter from your heart.

    1. Thanks Jennifer A! It was. Is.

  3. Oh this letter is amazing.
    I hardly tear up, yet here I am..

    1. I just re-read it now and I tested up. Thank you Tamie. Sorry I'm just seeing your comment today.

  4. Replies
    1. A Good God helps me. Thank you Irene. For coming by. For leaving a comment.


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