Saturday, 21 May 2016

Be Careful What You Are Jealousing.

I can't count how many calls or mails I've received over the years from people wanting to know why I'm so 'happy' all the time. The first thing I say to them is that it's clear they've missed some of my Facebook posts and/or blogs. I am for sure not 'happy' all the time. And I wish I could say my joy is always complete because I know who I am in Christ. But that too would be a lie. In my head I always know it but there have been many moments of my life that have not reflected what I know. Let's just say that Depression, Crazy Anxiety and Self-Doubt and I are no strangers. 

But over the years I've grown and as I've grown I've picked up some Godtips on how to deal with my issues. Yes, Salt too has those. Please, gasp  not like the young lady I spoke with today.  There is NO living being sans issues. Not one. Don't mind all the smiley, photoshopped and filtered photos you see all over the place! Read between the lines. Be wise. And above all, NEVER compare your life to any life you see on social media. Many times, I believe we are just putting our best foot forward. 

For me, I love to engage people, post and share. It makes me happy and I hope it inspires people to seek the God that has kept and blessed me. Plus, I like to post like I do to show the enemy that he can't steal my voice. No! I refuse that! I might be weeping as I hit that smiley emoticon but if just one person is touched? I'm good! That's my chief motive. I want you to think: if Salt has and can because of God, for shizzle, so can I. Because of God!  (please don't tell my children I just used the word 'shizzle'. Lol! 

See, here's the thing. The devil is using social media against us. Nothing new there. He twists good stuff all the time. Make up your mind today to not be one of his victims. Or to stop being one. You may see my posts, photos and blogs. It may look like it's all nice and rosy. Mostly? I can't lie. It is. BUT, I promise you this: Salt has struggles too. All you are seeing is a 'perpetual WIP and woman dealing with struggles too' wrapped up in the Grace of my PapaGod. Please don't jealous me. Trust me.  You don't want my life. 

What you want is more Grace from God to live YOUR unique, one of a kind life to the glory of God! 

I mean it. 

P.S. Thanksgiving, Praise and Worship? Best non-drug antidote to Depression ever! Try it. 

P.S 2. A mail from Ekene Onu, an Instragram post by Kim Pothier and finally a one hour gistfest with a young lady today inspired this post. 


  1. The more we grow in Christ, the more we learn to trust Him, and the happier we will be (even in situations that try to rear their ugly heads). Lovely reflection, thank you. :)

    1. Exactly! Thank you Jennifer A! Keep Shining the Light of your Lamp!


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