Saturday, 2 April 2016

Go! Go Climb Mountains! (Titled inspired by Bola Malogo)

"My dear Bola....How time flies....can remember how I used to tease you of your unambitious,lackadaisical attitude to had this "housewifish" contentment that never ceased to baffle me. All u ever wanted was a little corner with plenty of peace and encouragement to make Afang soup  and other efik delicacies for the love of your life....but because God has always had great plans for you,He continues to use the foolish things of the world to confound the wise....Am so mightily proud of u ....Go climb mountains..!"

These are the words of Bola Malogo, a friend that became a sister many, many, many years ago. We've grown up together. She knows me well. She speaks truth. I was such an NFA by choice. Lol! But looku looku see what The Lord has done and continues to do in and with me! It's amazing I tell you! Only God could have mapped out the life I'm living because I didn't. At least not consciously. I just wanted to grow up and be a wife and mommy. Honest! 

So what brought on this comment from my Sistafriend Bola? It was a Facebook post via which I shared some great news! I just attained my ten year milestone at work! For the first time ever! I worked as a Bi-lingual Confidential Secretary in a NigerianFrench bank for 7 years. I loved that job! Then I worked as a Personal Assistant to the CEO of an Investment Bank for 8 years. I loved most of my time there too though the end was a tad unpleasant but that's life, abi? One thing is sure: BOTH bosses, BOTH jobs prepared me for the roles I've held in my current organization! So God bless them! 

But for the very first time in my life, I'll be getting a ten year plaque! Woo hoo! It feels real good and I give God my highest praise. He has been The Ultimate Life Coach. He has been with me as I grew up from the unsure-introvert but smart girl in the first photo to the me you see in the 2nd and 3rd photos. More sure-still-intro-but-also-extrovert-and still smart but with a difference. There is less me and more God I think. I hope. 

Anyway, happy 10 years to me! To every single person that has helped me career and other wise these past 25 years? Thank you and God reward you some more. PapaGod, I exclamation you! This year you gave me a new, higher position! In the midst of casting down times, you lifted me up! Thank you. I'm truly grateful to you! In the words of Glowreeyah, I exclamation you! 

Before I sign out, back to Bola Malogo's comment. If God could do All He has with me, this reluctant achiever imagine what He is set to do with you that has had such grand, passionate plans all along? So, listen to my friend Bola, Go, Go climb mountains too! 


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