Sunday, 24 April 2016

Being Still is not the same thing as Doing Nothing

I created and shared this poster on my Facebook page yesterday.  I had been talking too much about my situation. Mostly to myself. In my head. But still, I was tired. Really tired. I'm pretty sure God's eyebrow was quirked when He spoke these words to my spirit.

"Then, why not just shut up?"

I was not amused and I told Him so. Which is fine.  He is God after all and could see my thoughts anyway. So no point pretending. But as I thought about it, I knew God was right.  Sometimes, as Christians we need to just sharrap, be still and let God be God in our lives. 

But I also think that for us Christians, being still is not the same thing as doing nothing. Yesterday morning I chose to be still by having a praise and worship jam! I needed it. God deserved it.  You see, shutting up so I free my lips to raise High Praise to my God was just the best way to mute the voices and thoughts I didn't want to hear. 

Sometimes, being still could mean taking your mind off you and thinking about someone else to help. It could mean giving up on that Plan B; making God your only way. Sometimes, I blog to be still. Sometimes, I watch a movie. Praying is a good way to be still too. Especially the kind where you talk less and listen more. And sometimes, being still is just that. Being still. 

Stopping. Being Quiet. Resting. Chilling. Trusting God.

When you read the words of that poster, did a thought drop in your heart about something you need to be still about?  How about you ask God how He wants you to be still? 

He will tell you and when He does, I ask to understand and obey. 


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