Friday, 15 April 2016

A Letter to my Future Self

Hello You. 

How does it feel to feel better?  Never take your inner peace for granted again. And please, for the love of God, don't link your inner tranquility to what another human says or does. Good or bad. It doesn't matter who the person is. Only God rightfully has such power. You hold on to that pearl of wisdom, OK?

How does it feel to be better? Don't let me catch you not taking care of your health again! Only the healthy work. In fact, only the living work. While you were away, did the building fall down? Did the work stop? Nope. Not for a nano second. Please remember this: No one is indispensable.  So stay true to your decisions: Do your best and leave the rest. And your best doesn't have to kill you! Plus, your best doesn't necessarily get rewarded or recognized. Know this and be cool with it. If you can sleep at night, look God in the face knowing you pleased him? You did your best. That's your reward right there. 

How does it feel to know better? Never again wait for permission to live. If you don't do something let it be because you chose not to. Not because you felt it would make someone feel better about you. See? Now you know you can never control how or what people feel about you. Isn't it awesome not kidding yourself anymore! People will think what they want so just let it go. Let them be them. And just be you. Do you. OK? Time waits for no one. And even if it did, it would not waste its time on people seeking approval to live their own lives from others! 

How does it feel to see better?  I keep telling you this but you keep forgetting. You are not only human. You are spirit. See how much better life looks when you let this truth lead you? I'm sitting here jealous of you cos you look so chilled. So unflappable. So serene. So above it all! Your feet might be on earth but clearly you are sitting with Jesus Christ in Heavenly places! That's what being Spirit-filled and controlled looks like. I'm glad to see you have moved on.


God is working on me, my body and my heart. At the end of the day, He's the only one that is always willing and always able to fix those He loves.

Just give me some time....I'll be right there where you are. 

By the way? Thank you and our Past Self for never allowing us give up on God.

Your current self.


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