Saturday, 26 March 2016

There are Promotions and there are Promotions.

By the way, this is NOT an Easter blog. 

I just come today to share something that has helped me at times when thoughts of failure besieged me. Times when it looked like those born after me were overtaking me. For real. 

Truth is, they were not. I was still ahead. Because promotion comes in different shapes and sizes. I may not have moved from one bigger number to one smaller number in salary grade but the Lord in his infinite mercies has, for shizzle, been promoting me over and over. Yes, I am a testimony.

So, dear one, do you look at your life in the work place and feel like you are lagging? Then do like me and look at your life OUTSIDE of work and then re-assess. Perhaps like me you will see what God has done for you that totally overshadows anything you could have been given at work. I always ask myself one question: Salt, would you trade all that God has given you via your MGM and your children for a work place promotion? Would you trade their mental, physical and spiritual well being for a high potential label? My answer, without any hesitation is always 'No'. 

So my question to you is this: That thing you are seeking at work or in your business? Look around you. In your personal life, are there things God has given you that trump them? Has God blessed you with things money cannot buy? That titles and positions cannot give you? If you can say 'Yes' then perhaps you need to move from grumbling to praising. 

See, I know I said that this was not an Easter blog but you have got to appreciate all that Christ died on the Cross to give you and I. Surely, he died to give us way more than human promotions and more money! Surely Christ died to give us more than titles, houses and cars! Surely, God  killed his only son to give us more than work place tags, awards and titles! Surely!

True, some people will say this is how people who are lagging encourage themselves. No stress, my question to them is this: How do you encourage yourself when man fails you seeing as you don't believe in God? Just asking.

Happy Easter People!  I pray you take time to think of what I have said. So that, like me, you can have peace. That passes understanding.


Yours sincerely

Salt ever so grateful.

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