Saturday, 20 February 2016


I love this story and here is why.

It shows the heart of the God we serve.

If Olajumoke prayed that morning, what do you think she prayed for?

To sell all her bread before the loaves  got cold. To break even so her daily profit would be complete.
For God to watch over her kids that day. Stuff like that.

Do you think she prayed for God to guide her so she could photobomb a TY Bello shoot and be propelled into instant stardom? Could such a prayer point even take shape in her head? Me thinks not. And that's what I love the most about this whole thing.

It proves to  me that my God, my PapaGod is able and willing to answer prayers that I have not even had the audacity to pray. He is able and willing to take me to heights I don't even have the capacity to imagine. He is able and willing to put me in places I don't even know exist. Why?  

Just. Because. He. Is. God.

And He uses the foolish to confound the wise. What an awesome God we serve! 

Join me, God's Foolish Thing, let's raise a prayer cover over Olajumoke,  her husband, Sunday and their children. The God that has begun this wonderful thing in their lives should raise His Banner over them so that the enemy does not sow weed in this beautiful garden of a story.   Pray same cover over TY Bello and every one else God is using or will use to show forth His Power in this family's life. So much advice from all corners and good too! Pray the people around her are wise and help her manage it all! Pray that the #Olajumoke will always lead to Good news about Olajumoke Orisaguna. 

And yes, what goes around comes around. So go be a TY Bello in someone's life. Your own TY Bello will find you following the trail of the salt you use to season the life of the 'Olajumoke' God puts in your path.  

Life is a Boomerang after all. 



  1. Really eyes have not see what plans God has for us! He just goes aboube and beyond .. far above what we can THINK per time.


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