Saturday, 6 February 2016

I Had A Lisp Once

Even I find it hard to believe now. But it's true. I had a bad lisp when I was younger. Words with 'S' in them were my nemesis. Imagine my life as an eleven year old going to a secondary school where you had to address the girls in Forms 4 and above as 'Senior XYZ'. Then imagine my life in this school with a school mother named Lucy! Lol! I remember always trying to find ways of avoiding words with 'S' in them. Not easy. If there was no 'S', there would be an 'R' and back then R-words were a challenge too! Rice was Wice! Even now, I have to laugh out loud. What a predicament!  

But guess what? If you've heard me speak, you'll know I don't lisp anymore and my R is not so bad either. What happened? My eleven year old self got so fed up of being laughed at, teased and mimicked that I somehow 'trained' my tongue! Or should I say 're-trained it? The bottom line is I got so uncomfortable with an aspect of my life that I made a conscious effort to fix it. I didn't even pray or ask God to help me, I just did it. Somehow. 

What's my point? If we are really uncomfortable with any aspect of our  lives that doesn't  fit our Christ-identities. If we are serious about correcting any spiritual lisps we might have. We can. And the best part is we don't have to do it ourselves like I did. The Holy Spirit is super ready to help us. And nothing is impossible. No situation is too bad. Not one thing. 

Oh, did I tell you I also had bendy knock knees? Yes o! The kind of legs you have where you stand and people come up behind you and 'kneel' your legs forward! Again, imagine my life during Assembly back then? My classmates used to have so much fun 'catching' me.....but slowly, and surely, over time, I trained my legs to remain straight and unbending. This took more time but I still did it. Today, i don't stand that way and I don't think my legs look as K! Yes! I for sure am not Bendy-Legged Adef (my nickname back then) anymore. How come? 

Because I got uncomfortable enough with my physical state to want to fix things. 
And until I did, I didn't quit.

That, I believe is how we must be about any aspect of our spiritual lives that is not pleasing to our Heavenly Father. 

Or how you take see am? 

     Ah....when you are this age, a lisp might be cute...
                    At 11? Not so much! Lol! 


  1. Haha! Nice post, and 'm so glad you got through and past those things you weren't comfortable with. The first step to change is awareness of the need to change, then the conscious determination to make it happen. Even prayers without efforts are naught. Thanks for blessing our lives with this message! Cheers fellow blogger. <3

    1. Awecrazy!!!! Thanks for coming by and you are so right! Prayers, faith with no works, will achieve nada......


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