Saturday, 13 February 2016

God's Master Plan: Just Trust It.

I have to admit it. Some portions of the Bible put me to sleep.

This past week I've been reading the part in Exodus where God is giving Moses instructions on how to build the Tabernacle. I tell you, before, I would just scan read it and move on. But this year I promised myself I would be disciplined about reading ALL of the Bible. So as I read I rebuked boredom and prayed to God to open the eyes of my heart. 

Because God's Word is not dead. It's alive and every bit of it  has the potential to impact my thought life and by extension the life that I live. I was determined to get something out of these verses that went on and on about dimensions and building materials! And I did. It's almost laughable that it's taken me so long to gerrit. 

My Goodness!  The attention to details! God was not playing! From Chapters 25 to 27, God took his time to lay down the pattern for how Moses was to construct the Ark and the Tabernacle. Every tiny aspect was covered. It's mind boggling! Our God is not a God who just does anything any old way. 

...Hang this curtain on gold hooks set into four pillars made from acacia wood overlaid with gold. The pillars are to be set in silver bases. As a screen for the door of the sacred tent, make another curtain from fine linen, skillfully embroidered in blue, purple, and scarlet. Hang this curtain on gold hooks set into posts made from acacia wood overlaid with gold. The posts are to rest on bronze bases. 

Wow! What a Designer! What a Craftsman!  If he took his time to map out how to build a tabernacle then you and I know or should know that he's put in even more of himself and his awesome talents into mapping out our lives! Today, you and I are his Tabernacles! Glory to God! 

So, as a child of God, no matter what we think of some of the things we've gone through, there's a purpose to it. Just like God used acacia wood for one part of the Tabernacle and silver, gold and linen for other parts. Just like there was a reason for each specific dimension so is there a reason for the good, bad and ugly bits of our lives. So is there a reason for the  'dimensions' of the timings of situations, events or circumstances in our lives. We have just got to trust the Master Builder!! He's got skills and knows what He's doing. 

So, Salt to Self? Don't question the 'building material and dimensions' of Daddy's passing. Or Prof's. It's all part of God's Master plan for you and your family. Just Trust It. 

Self to Salt: OK. Thank you. I will. 

Salt to You: Just Trust God's Master Plan for your life too. OK?

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  1. Thank you so much for this. It will end in praise.

  2. Oh my Nammie! It surely will!


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