Monday, 25 January 2016

This Time Two Years Ago

I sat and sat and thought and thought. 
I just couldn't find any words to express how I feel today.
I still can't. It's all just a mishmash of emotions. 
I haven't been able to delete your number from my phone.
Every time I scroll and get to 'Prof' I catch my breathe. 
I'm not sure if it's surprise or shock or both or none of the above.

I got promoted at work this month. After eight years. It was just the best news ever!  And I had no Prof to call. You would have been call number 2. My uncle Abiye would have been call number 3. How you both would have rejoiced with me. How you would have praised God with me! Even now my Papa, my Prof, I can hear your rumbling laughter. How proud you both would have been. How proud you are.

For I believe you still see me, right? 
I hope so, because then you will see the huge smile I have on my face. 
I bet you know why. God, your God. God, my PapaGod continues to be a Wonder! 
Through it all, highs and lows, He's been ultra Faithful. So I smile.
Even though I miss you like crazy! I know that as much as I miss and love you, God loves you way more. And if He saw fit to take you home today two years ago then I must trust that love.
So, Dad, rest on! Hug Mom and Uncle Abiye for me. And if you've met Pastor Eskor Mfon, Tayo Aboaba, and Joan Umunna, please tell them I think of them often. 

Oh and please could you give Jesus Christ a message for me? Please let Him know that 'I, Abimbola Omo Prof Aya Henry Salt of God do hereby declare that I am very very grateful and forever loyal. Thank you Papa. *hugging you*

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