Thursday, 21 January 2016

Let It Be Enough.

I'm  a Christian but like the tiger does need to prove it's tigritude, I shouldn't need to prove what I am. 
My life should show it. Clearly. Like crystal.   The older I've grown the more this has been my stance. 
Like Tolu Ilesanmi says in his post " Being an oracle", I have learned not to argue about the truth of God's Word. I just try to live a life that proves it. I want to be that person that displays the Goodness and Mercies of God in bright neon signs! 

I remember sometime in the past when I used to feel like I had to 'defend' God. How silly. I was trying to make a case for the Judge of all the earth. Why do bad things happen to good people? Why do sick people we pray for still die? Why are babies born blind? What kind of love let's an innocent child be snatched and butchered by a depraved human being?  Why this? And why that? Back then, I tried to figure it out. Provide answers. Today? I simply say " I don't know".  

Yes, I don't know the answers to those questions. But I do know the Love of God. And I do know that I'm the object of God's love. And I do know that knowing I'm loved by the God of all the earth is enough. And it's my prayer that as you read this post, a knowing bubbles up within you so you catch a fresh glimpse of how much God loves you. 

And when you catch it, please let it be enough. 

                                 And knowing He loves me too is more than enough. 

God’s unfailing love for us is an objective fact affirmed over and over in the Scriptures. It is true whether we believe it or not. Our doubts do not destroy God’s love, nor does our faith create it. It originates in the very nature of God, who is love, and it flows to us through our union with His beloved Son.  ~ Jerry Bridges


  1. Your post gives me hope and peace. Well done.

    1. Thank you Yeye Bush. I feel the same as I type the words.
      I give the glory back to God. I must.
      Thanks for coming by my blog.

  2. Thank you Sis. What can be more than the fact that we are beloved of God? The knowledge of His love surpasses knowledge.

    Truly, we can afford to acknowledge that we do not know something if we know that we are greatly loved by our Father who knows all. Humility is a natural result of knowing we are beloved of the One. And yes the one thing I ought to know and which should be enough, is that God loves me. Brennan Manning's book Abba's Child is worth reading too.

    And it is a great honor to be mentioned here. Thank you.

  3. Thank you Sis for the honor of being mentioned on your blog.

    I couldn't agree more. There is a lot we do not know and I think the more we know, the more we will be able to say I do not know and the more mature we are, the more comfortable we will be with not knowing.

    Knowing that we are beloved of God is truly enough. It is indeed the only knowledge that counts. And even that "knowledge" surpasses knowledge, so we can only know it by experience not intellectually. Thank you again.


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