Thursday, 7 January 2016

It's, January 7, 2017. How did we do?

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I don't do "Resolutions".  But last year or maybe two years ago I began to make "Commitments" to myself. They were always too many. I'm not sure I kept them well if at all.

This year, they are fewer and mostly to God. Not to me. Making commitments to God shouldn't be done lightly. I know He can never be disappointed in me but still....I don't want to let Him down. You know? Like the other day I really did not feel like going to the gym as was the plan. But when I remembered that I had promised God to take better care of myself this year, I got up. Anyway, here's something else I am going to do and I'm inviting you to join me.

It’s simple: I'm going to write myself a letter dated one year from today. Using the past tense, I'll describe all the things I accomplished in 2016. Then, I'll put it away and open it in 2017. Lea McLeod, who is 'coaching' me is confident I'll be amazed at what happens! Apparently, writing about your future in the past tense creates a powerful, subliminal call to action.

I'm intrigued and can't wait to write my letter. How about you? I guess the chief prayer will be that God be merciful to keep me alive to read it come 2017. I am sure He will. He loves me like that. And you too by the way. So on the assumption that you are joining me, here is how Lea says we should go about creating what is called a Past Tense Future Vision for 2016:
 1. Date your page one year from the date you write such as January 7, 2017. 

 2. Write a description of your 2016 in the past tense. Use action verbs such as these: 
In 2016 I achieved … 
In 2016 I acquired … 
In 2016 I began … 
In 2016 I created …  
In 2016 I experienced … 
In 2016 I learnt … 
In 2016 I found … 
In 2016 I met … 

3. In writing your descriptions, be sure to include the Four Areas of Life: 
Right Place (including both home and work) 

4. In your descriptions, get a real sense of what you’ve already accomplished by describing where you are, what you look like, whom you are with, and how you feel. 

5. When complete, put your letter in an envelope addressed to yourself. Put it in a safe place to be opened one year from today.  

Et voila! We are done! Thank you Lea McLeod and Sandy Shipley!

So, let's do this as soon as we can. I am writing mine tonight. Who knows, maybe we can get together this same time next year and compare notes? Abi? Let's see how it goes. 

For now, know this: God loves you with an unquestionable love. Bask it it and let it be Enough. 

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