Saturday, 19 December 2015

The Lesson From The Missing Pantry Key: I Was Still Getting It Wrong.

Early this week, I misplaced the key to our pantry. The truth is I'm not used to locking things up but sometimes you have to help people to help themselves. So when I began getting shopping lists almost every other day I had to adapt. Lol! Ah! In this climate we are living? No room for mischief at all. Anyway, that's not the point of my mail. So here we were looking for this key. I looked. MGM looked. LBS and FBS looked and so did our new staff. Nothing. Two days went by. I'm not sure how to explain how I felt having to buy stuff I knew I had. The word 'pain' comes to mind. 

The third day, sitting in my cab, on my way home, I got an SMS. It was from my new Housekeeper. It was a list of provisions needed! I had had it! They were all items I knew I had! I turned to God. I said a simple prayer: Lord, open my eyes and mind. I need to find this key. It's costing me money Papa! 

I promise you. Out of no where I suddenly remembered what I had totally forgotten. As in TOTALLY! My mind was opened and my regained memory led me to the exact location where the missing key was. It was almost laughable! It was basically under my nose. On the TV in my bedroom! Can you best that? My point? God hears you. Talk to Him. And you don't need to do gra- gra. Eloquence and sweat don't matter. You know what I think matters?  Complete Trust.  For the big. And the small stuff.  Like missing pantry keys. 

Afterwards, I took time to think about it all. Why did it take me three days to turn to God for help? I've traced my steps back in my mind and I can't recall handing the missing key matter to God from the moment it went AWOL. Why is that? If indeed I put God first in all I do it should be second nature to go to Him for guidance or help for everything. But I didn't. My PapaGod helped me to see why. 

It was because I thought I knew where the key was. I figured 'I gat this'. I felt self-sufficient if you like. God was my back up clearly. My plan B. I relied on myself for two whole days before I turned to God. And I paid the price. My eyes being 'closed' so I could not see the key teaches me not to trust in my own abilities cos until God helped me, my sight did nothing for me. The fact that all the  people I had looking with no results teaches me not to trust the abilities or power of Man. They can't help save God ordain it. 

You see, many of us, no matter what we say, rely too much on our own abilities. Plus, we feel there are some things we need not 'disturb' God about. But God loves to be 'disturbed' by His children. Every facet of our lives is of interest to Him. He doesn't just want to be first, He seeks to be at the very centre of our lives. Our total reliance on God is a show of Trust in His Love. And God loves those who trust Him!!!

I thought God was truly at the centre of all I did and all my thoughts but this incident opened my eyes. I was still getting it wrong. But by His grace, I will get it wrong no more. From this day and as I go into 2016, I'm bringing my PapaGod into every thing I do from the very onset. Every breath. Every step. Every situation. 

How about you? 

                                                             Salt Reminder: 
          Presents under the Christmas Tree are wonderful but God's Love tops them ALL!

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  1. Yass!!!! Word in season for moi!!! Had a very similar experience just 2 days ago.U know its amazing how clclose God is to us yet we shortchange ourselves a lot. God help us all.merry Christmas to you and yours.


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