Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Never Go To Bed Afraid

Like with anger, we should never go to bed scared. Why? Because as you close your eyes with those angry or fearful thoughts or emotions, you open the door wide for the devil.  Who does that? I mean, why make the devil's invasion of your life so easy? 

I've been listening to messages by Pastor Poju Oyemade and I'd love to share some of the Word-based wisdom I'm gaining with you. First, may I ask a question? Is there anything causing your heart to 'cut' within you? Maybe your business? Or your finances? Next term's school fees? Your relationship with your spouse or child? The insecurity in the land/world? Perhaps you are facing a tough challenge at work or a health issue or perhaps you feel your biological clock is ticking so loudly it's scaring suitable suitors away! 

Whatever is giving you palpitations, you can't know God, understand and trust His Love for you and then go to bed with those fears. I agree, sometimes after we pray those doubt-peddling voices do come but we must mute them with the Word of God. How? 

Number one way.
Go to Bible Gateway and using the 'keyword search' function, look for scriptures that apply to your fear. For instance if you are anxious about finances and need God to be your Source, type in 'source'.  It will bring up several scriptures. There is no way you will not find one or two that will 'thrill your spirit'. Good. Keep confessing that Word. You will no longer be in fear or doubt because your faith will receive a jolt.  Now, go to bed. Sleep in peace. You just did two things. 

Not only have you shut the door on the devil so It can't send his minions to bring your fears to pass. You have also given God room to send out instructions to reward your faith in His Word. Please believe me when I say this works!  Like Pastor Poju says: Faith is a Law. Just like the law of gravity requires anything that jumps up to fall down, once we exercise Faith, it must work. 

                                                         Image courtesy of Google images

Number two way. 
Take yourself and your issue to the secret place of the most High. Just tell God about your fears. Why grumble, mumble, and complain when we could easily just talk to God about the issue! He will hear and He will allay all your fears. David assures us of this in Psalm 34:4 where he says: For I cried to him and he answered me! He freed me from all my fears.  

You see? simply hand over any fears to God until you have peace. Never carry cares. Cast them over to God.  In fact, the next time someone asks you to "take care", say mbanu, I refuse o! Not taking any  cares or fears. Lol! 

But seriously though, I pray you do the above. Personally, I believe 2016 is going to be rugged to say the least but for those who will live pleasing God and practice the above?  No shaking.
They won't go to bed afraid. 


  1. Thank you so much for sharing this.. You see since starting up Unspoken woman I've been scared, first with the social media bill gist, to money issues.. Been battling sleep. Been applying this since I read it... It's really helpful. Thank you for salting. ❤

    1. Hello Unspoken Woman! Thanks for coming by!
      I am so glad to hear that. It has really be helping me too. Let’s keep at it.
      Our God is Bigger than anything or any thought we may be dealing with.
      We just have to declare our truth to shut up the devil.


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