Thursday, 31 December 2015

IN 2016...Just Be Better

Hello Dear One reading this right now,

This is my very last 2015 blog and I feel so joy and peace-filled. It's funny because 2015 did not go my way at least not in line with all MY plans. But you know what? God rocked his plans for me well and I give him my highest praise.

2015 was a mean year! Chei! I promise, there were times when I wanted to take my passport and flee somewhere far away from Nigeria and all my roles and responsibilities. But the shackles of God's Love around my feet would not let me go. The thing is how do you even run away from yourself? 

Anyway, that's not the blog for today. The blog for today is to wish you a safe and joy-filled Cross over into 2016. It is my prayer that you will take time to centre yourself by sitting down with God to gain a greater clarity for the new journey you are about to begin.  I would also like to ask for a favour. May I? 

In 2016, please be better. Yes, that's all. Just be better.

Be better in your relationships with your God and Heavenly Father. Talk to him more. Listen to him more. Read his love letter more. It's out of the abundance of this connection that I believe all else will flow

Be better in your relationships:  in how you communicate, encourage and support your loved ones and those who are in your sphere.

Be better to yourself – in your self-talk,  in your self-love, in your personal expectations and in your commitment to being all that you can be.   For as I always says, Charity begins with YOU. You cannot give love that you don't have for yourself.

Be better in your work – think creatively, efficiently and get the details right.

Be better with your customers, business partners, vendors, suppliers and stakeholders– in how you relate with them,  how you communicate, how you add value and how you reflect God in the Marketplace.

Be better with your teammates – in how you support them, how you communicate and how you care about them as people.

Be better in your community – in how you give of your time and effort to make your town, city or neighbourhood a great place to live.

Be better with Nigeria: Be nice to her, speak well of her, pray for her and have hope for her. She is all we have got. She is our Motherland.

Be better with our planet – in how you recycle, minimise your footprint, and how you appreciate the natural beauty around us.

You control how you approach your days in and out of the office. Commit to being better every day. Learn more. Be more responsive. Be more connected. Be more aware. Be tougher. Be more resilient. Be more creative. Be more present. In short, my dear one, in 2016...

Just be better.

Happy New Year! 

Remember, I love you but God is especially fond of you!


  1. Salt! Again - you echoed my unspoken thoughts. Want to share this on FB - link pls?

  2. Our God is One.
    Thank you Keke!


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