Saturday, 5 December 2015

I Had An Amazing EXperience!

I've never been to any of the Experience concerts. I have a phobia for extremely large stadium-style spaces packed with people. So I'm extremely thankful that House on the Rock (HOTR) got DSTV to broadcast it yesterday. 

In the words of Chigurl, it was "Wow-wow-wow!".

I sat down to watch at about midnight and I kid you not, I was still glued to the TV at past 4am. It was that good! I was so blessed by every single minute I watched. Even the space filler adverts. Absolutely loved the 'Relay Race' one. But I have to say that Donnie McClurkin's ministration 'spoke' to me the most.

He shared about losing eight loved ones over the past two years and how he refused to let his pain steal his praise. I was convicted. I had been so focused on guarding my peace that I hadn't realized that the intensity of my praise had dipped. Basically, that meant I was saying that God's right to and worthiness of my high praise is a function of my situation. Can that be true? Lailai! 

Our God is to be praised all the time, in good times and especially in and through confusing, stressful times.  That our mouths must be closed to negative confessions does not mean they cannot remain wide open in continuous confident praise! Thank you Mr. McClurkin for raising my consciousness about this.  We really must watch ourselves. There is always this clear and present danger we face of failing spiritual exams we aced before. 

Like I said, I enjoyed and was so blessed by every bit of the concert I watched. Hezekiah Washington, Kim Burrell. Sammie Okposo. Nathaniel Bassey. Chioma Jesus. Mike Aremu! I'm still smarting over the bits  I missed like Don Moen and Glowreeyah. But I'm still grinning as I remember Chigurl. Lol! She was hilarious. God bless every single person that worked to bring this event to pass and God bless the leadership of HOTR for the vision. Godly music can change lives. 

Something happened to me as I watched this concert. Can't put it to words. There was just something in the atmosphere of my living room. It's like I died a little bit. In a good way. Or maybe it makes more sense to say "dead weight" fell off me some more. I felt lighter. Anyway, I might not be sure how to express what happened to me but I'm sure of one thing.

I had an eXperience. An amazing, life-altering one. 

Praise God! Praise God! Praise God! 

                                               Donnie McClurkin in my house


  1. The Donnie story just blew me away!! Countless times I've lost my praise to situations!! This is a timely reminder!

    1. It really was for me too. Thanks for coming by Unspoken Woman!

  2. I was there live...oh my! and it was amazing!! My #word gotten too!

    1. There is nothing like going before God and knowing you got your word. Nothing. Thanks for sharing Frances!


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