Thursday, 3 December 2015

I Am Not Kpanda. And Neither Are You.

This post is for only people who like me still let people's words and or situations colour who we are in Christ from time to sad time. Don't get me wrong, we are people who truly understand how blessed we are but sometimes face situations that make us susceptible to the lies the devil is always hawking around like an ashawo! 

Be that as it may, God, my PapaGod is always keen to help. I went to bed last night very light and calm. I spent a considerable amount of time in prayer unburdening myself of my needs and wants. The weight of all I wanted to see happen just got too heavy so I dumped it all. Again. At the foot of the Cross. Again. Hence my lightness. And considering what happened next, hence the clarity of my GodChannel. I had a dream. I don't dream often. And this was a good dream. A great dream. One I got when I let go of all my needless kaya.

And when I woke up this morning, the moment I opened my eyes, these words I share below bubbled up within me. While the dream was personal to me, I'm confident these words are for every single person out there that needs a reminder that God's Love for him/her is Enough. It's what defines you and it does so in ways nothing we are running after here on earth, no matter how good, can ever accomplish. Read the words. Personalize them. Own them. Of course, I'm talking to only those who suffer such crazy episodes from time to time. You know? Mirey clay times.....

I didn't want to forget so I grabbed my phone and spoke it out too. Not sure if it will work but click on the  photo below to listen should you desire to hear my voice. You could tell I was mad at the end! Lol! But when I laid back down, I had a smile on my face sha. Lol! In the words of Nathaniel Bassey...

My God is too Good o!!! 

P.S. Need to figure out how to upload the audio clip....will update once I do. But if you read this and don't want to wait inbox me at or via FB and I'll send you the clip as an attachment. 

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