Thursday, 24 December 2015

Dear Teacher......Hope This Is Not You?

As the year draws to a close, I am going to do a number of Salt letters. Yes, letters via which I shall be crying out to certain groups of people. New Years provide great opportunities for u-turns. For turning new leaves. For being better. Going higher. And as I contemplate my own new beginnings, I'm writing letters to some people I believe should join me. Today, my letter is to Teachers. 

Dear Teacher

Compliments of the season! This letter is for you if you are a  teacher. Primary school. Secondary, University and even Sunday school teachers should please read this. I promise it won't be a long one. In fact, you know what? Please click and watch the video below. All I'm asking is, please don't be the kind of teacher you are about to see.

See what I mean? It's so sad that there are teachers like that out there. Please don't be one of them.  Teaching is a calling. A ministry. You are moulding lives. Shaping futures. Partnering with God and Parents to bring children into their destinities.  If you know deep within you that you are on the wrong path, please let go of that job. You being there is almost or equally as dangerous as being a fake doctor. Lives are at risk.  

May God continue to help all those teachers who understand this. This Christmas, may God gift you special presents for your labour of love over our children.  

And may He reserve a very hot place in hell for those teachers who, by their words and actions, are pushing children to very dark mental places. 

See Dear Teacher, I know your job is not easy. But please I'm begging you, go to work every day committed to building up our children. Every one of those children has been born to succeed. Help them all as best you can. Please. 

No child was born to fail. Not one. 

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