Monday, 7 December 2015

Dear Owner/Head of School.....Make Your School "Yabbing-Free"

Dear Owner/Head of School,

Good day to you! 

My name is Salt and by the grace of God alone, I'm a blogger turned author and public speaker. But more importantly I'm a mom.  Lately, I've become more and more concerned about child on child bullying and the increase in the use of 'cool' foul language by our children. What people are missing is that bullying now is more verbal than physical so it's going unchecked because kids are not being hit or assaulted visibly.  But you won't believe the scars being left on the inside by this new culture of "Yabbing".

Yabbing? Yes, apparently it's a new must have skill amongst our children. The ability to insult or viciously tease another. He or she who can stab the hardest verbally wins. Doesn't it break your heart? And as in most things in life, some are more skilled at it than others. It makes me wonder what's going on in their homes. When you have pre-teens and teens alike using the F and B words on each other 'for fun'. Yes, bullying is as old as time but sadly our children are getting meaner by the minute. You would cringe if you heard the kinds of 'insults' the older ones throw at the juniors. As you can imagine, children who have been taught not to engage in such invariably become prime target for these verbal bullies. 

 Recently as I thought about it I asked my God how I could help. I couldn't help thinking about how these kids who bully today become the adults who assault their spouses tomorrow! I had to do something! And God simply said "talk to the kids". It's that simple. I'm working on that as I type asking schools to let me come speak to our children. But I can't sit still. Hence this letter to you. My aim is to talk to Year 7s and above. But you don't need me to come to your school. You can do it for me.

During assembly, talk about this new form of bullying called "Yabbing". Explain why it's wrong. Make it clear it won't be tolerated in your school. Have teachers reinforce the message in classes. Make your school prefects ambassadors against bullying. Any form of bullying.. Inform parents of your stance and help them understand their role in staving off this rot. Apply consequence management where it occurs and reward those who speak up against it. 

                       (c) Midwest School Programmes

I ask you to please partner with me on this mission to end bullying and raise teens who will speak up against such behavior wherever it rears its ugly head. Make your school a "Bullying and Yabbing-Free" zone.

Thank you so much in advance. I can only thank you, I trust God to reward you and your entire team for your loving work over our children. 



  1. Thanks madam, may God give you grace to take thus message around the world.
    We have noticed this trend and have been on course to ensure God helps us to raise Godly seeds, we will however not rest on our oars until God make our kids a praise in the earth.

    Ademola Daniel

  2. Thank you so much Mr. Daniel. Thank you for taking the time to come here to leave a comment. But more importantly thank you for taking a stand against this firm of bullying.

  3. Yeah think is especially an issue.. Was at a school in Abuja recently and heard somethings the kids said to each other.. Amazed me.. Hopefully God helps you connect and reach out! xx


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