Monday, 28 December 2015

As You Ponder Your 2016 Commitments......

I'm going into 2016 calmly yet with excitement. I know I'm going somewhere and I'm not talking about some physical destination. I mean spiritually. I believe I am going higher in Jesus Christ because THAT is what I have purposed to do in 2016. I have discovered that personally right now, that's what matters most. Plus, every other time I have just focused on that every other good thing generally came my way. So what's my 2016 game plan? I believe that my PapaGod gave it to me on Christmas Day. 

I was going to share my thoughts in one of my usual blogs but this morning as I worshipped along with Sinach, My PapaGod told me to simply share the short notes I took down during that Christmas Day message. In obedience, here they are:    

All glory must be to God in every area of my life. 

1. Worship, Praise God. My Soul must bless God.
This is the only thing for which God is a direct beneficiary.
Helping people, giving offering goes to Him indirectly. Worship goes direct. 

I must continue to be understated while God must get all the glory.
Take time to worship and praise God.
Take time to minister unto God, to bless His name.
Remember Jesus Christ?
Five loaves. Blessed God. Full value and potential was brought forth. 
Imagine your life was those five loaves today. You may think you are not enough.....but when you begin to bless God....
Wow! Light bulb! Ping! 

2. Peace And Love. Within our hearts towards all men.
Extend Goodwill. 
Avoid strife.

I'm really itching to expatiate on my notes but I trust my God. He knows those who know Him will get this for themselves. So, based on the above, I already know what my 2016 is going to be. It's going to be my Year of Uncommon Worship to my King!  I want to spend more time than ever giving God glory for all He has done, is doing and will do in my life and in the lives of those I care about , And it starts today. Three days till the end of 2015. I purpose to begin and end my day worshipping God. This morning, I did if with Sinach..

We sang "Great Are You Lord" together until I felt God's breath on my cheeks. Awwgh. 

That was Enough.

I pray you click the link above and have your own worship party with your King.

Today and every day of 2016.



  1. You have chosen the only New Year resolution that is worth having.

    1. Thank you Sis Dupe. I believe so. And I ask God for the grace to keep it all through 2016 and beyond.


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