Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Salt meets the Characters of Vivian Kay's 'Secret Places'

Hello Viewers! I can't tell you how happy I am to have you tune in today! This episode of SaltTalks is special because as I promised yesterday, I have some of the main characters from Vivian Kay's debut Christian novel, Secret Places on the show today! Ladies and Gentlemen, please join me as I welcome Moni and Sam Badmus to the studio! 


We also have the one, the only Debo Ajala! 

*more applause*

Thank you all for making the time to be on Salt Talks today but before we get to meet you, viewers at home, in case you missed yesterday's show, you can watch a re-run right here

Secret Places, what a daring story! Moni, let's start with you. Can I just say first of all that I liked you from the get go because my mom's name was Moni as well. Not sure though that she would have approved of some of your choices but we shan't go there today. Lol! But tell us, who is Moni Badmus? 

Hmmmm....I'm sure there are many out there that can relate...Thank you Moni and I am rooting for you and praying it all works out for your marriage and family. But let's talk to your better half. Sam, The Man! 

Mr. Sam Badmus! Welcome once again to Salt Talks! Who are you? What's your story? 

Wow! Talk about candour! I appreciate that! Show me one Christian that isn't fighting the perennial battle against the Flesh! But Sam, I can't lie, you no try o! But there I go judging! Salt mechionu! Lol! Now, to my last guest. Last but in no way the least! Mr. Debo Ajala! 

Debo! Debo! You are a fearful somebody o! Lol! What do you have to say for yourself? 

There you have it folks. Aren't they intriguing? I bet you want to know what's going on in their lives and how they are connected, don't you?  I read the book and I tell you,  these people are all messed up! Lol! But that's just the point. You see, Vivian Kay uses their messes to covey one key message to us: 

God cannot be boxed in by our deeds or misdeeds. 

No matter how shocking our sins. No matter how far off we go, He allows u-turns. At least that's my take. How about you click on any of the links below to get your own copy of this must read book.  Read it and then come share your views with us here on Salt Talks. It'll be a pleasure to have you! 


Kindle Store: Secret Places for Kindle
Nook Store: Secret Places on Nook

Till next time on Salt Talks, be safe! And remember, God is especially fond of you! 

And for more information on Vivian Kay and all things Secret Places you can visit her website


  1. This sounds like a great read. Thanks for sharing this sis.B. You are such a great woman because it takes greatness to recognize greatness. Well done Vivian Kay.

    1. EyenEkaAmb mi! You have got to read this book!

  2. Hello Salt,its my first time here and i think i like it here yes yes!

    1. *Ringing the bell of blessing for first time visitor*. Lol!
      Thank you Omolara for coming by.


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