Friday, 27 November 2015

I'm Thankful I'm Hopeful

Being thankful is a daily thing for me to be honest. I've learned to force myself to appreciate things that otherwise are easy to overlook. It helps keep discontent and depression at bay. For instance, there are times when I look at my car and shake my head. It's old and it shows it. But then I make myself remember I have a car. The other day I tried on a pair of trousers and they were tight. Was I upset? Yes but only for about twenty minutes because then I forced myself to remember I had tried on the trousers all by myself. I didn't need anybody to help me like the young man I had watched on the Telly. All he could move was his head. I could move any part of my body I wanted including my jelly belly. Lol! 

My point is while the US picks one day of the year to be thankful, you and I know that every day is a good day to be thankful. Nevertheless, I joined in all the same. 2015 has been spectacular for me. Spectacularly good and spectacularly stressful too. But you know what? I'm actually grateful for the mix. The good stuff gave me reason to rejoice and praise God. He's been super Faithful. But I have to say that it's been the maddening, trying times in 2015 that benefitted me more. Really? Yes. As much as I did not enjoy those times at all, going through them refined my attitude to life a bit more. I think people call that "Growth". 

 You see, there were times this year where things looked so lost, so wrong, so not what I had confessed, declared and decreed! But do you know that as bad as things looked, as hot as the water of my situation boiled, things eventually cooled off. Issues sorted themselves. Somehow. I can't even explain how right now. So, you know what it has all taught me? That no matter how bad things seem as long as I have time (aka Life) there is really no bad situation that lasts forever. I look back on one of the issues we had to deal with and I can't believe how inconsequential it all is now! Meanwhile I can't reverse the extra grey hairs I got worrying back then! So not fair! 

And going through those difficult times means that now, no matter what's happening, if I don't like it, I can be hopeful that if I can just trust God and work with Him,  'the sun will come out tomorrow'.  I found I have acquired the ability to remain uber-chilled in the face of personal and global challenges. I'm able to look at all the madness going on in the world and still plan for the future and feel secure. How come? 

I am the proud owner of Hope-tinted sunglasses. Ray Bans? No, Jay Cees. 

And for these, I am truly thankful.

                                    Me in my Jay Cee sunglasses. They keep me hopeful. 

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