Sunday, 15 November 2015

Happy Birthday to Another MGM in the making!

Classic LBS! Lol! 

Our LBS turned twelve yesterday! I brag on God for his life and times so far! 

I thank God for gifting this child to us. He's truly special. Sometimes with him, I'm not sure who is parent, who is child. He is so tuned into my feelings that he automatically knows when to give me a hug. He is my only child who, after turning ten, still tells me he loves me for no reason on a daily basis. At least thrice! Lol! 

LBS is like the Sunshine. His smile makes me smile. He is so caring. Lately, I've been wondering if God sent him to me cos he knew I would lose both parents early. It's true! LBS sometimes behaves spookily like a parent. Lol!  He hovers around clucking like a mother hen. Hugging me. Giving his papa back massages. Grumbling as we send him on errands but loving it cos we say we would be 'lost' without our last born son. Lol! Ah! Yes, he loves the attention he gets from us all. 

My MGM and I took  him out to lunch yesterday. We had explained to him how we were going to celebrate and why. He didn't even flinch. His words "I'm cool with that".  This twelve year old had no issues not having a party or not being able to take a whole bunch of friends out like we did last year. No pout, no sulking. All I got was a huge grin because that's how understanding this child is. When we got home last night, he laid there on the couch, burped again and said "This was the best birthday ever!". His Papa and I just smiled. We knew we were blessed. 

When you have a pre-teen in this age and time who is not swayed by peer pressure or affected by what others do or don't do, as a parent you have to thank God. This child was grinning from ear to ear, totally and genuinely pleased because he had spent his birthday out with his parents at his favourite restaurant. People of God, LBS loves Chinese Fried Rice and he ate till he could eat no more. Lol! My MGM and I just sat there smiling at his happy face. He was right, it was a good day.  My LBS is not perfect (who is?). He still needs me to remind him about tens of things, his teachers say he is super smart but still needs to focus more but I can tell you for free that knowing he is growing up into being an understanding, caring, considerate mighty good man is more important to me. 

Yes, my sweetheart, I'm super proud of your heart. I'm super grateful to God for your life in all it's zany-ness. You are so childlike yet wise beyond your age all at once. Wow! You are 12!  Happy Birthday my little Tubby-Tub! I love you from the bottom of my heart times eternity to infinity and beyond. I know I speak for your Papa  and your older ones too. I'm so happy you had a blast yesterday. So did we. So did we! 

To God be the glory! 

P.S. Don't worry, in six years time, if you still want to, you can watch Spectre. *smiling*. Personally, I'm quite chuffed they bounced us cos you were underage! 

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