Monday, 23 November 2015

Could You Do Me A Favour Please?

Actually, I need two favours.

The first one I'm seeking is as Mommy Salt.

Only Princess has produced  a video clip to create awareness about NTDs. What's that?!

Yes, that was my reaction too when she told me about her project. And that's the point of her project. The more people know about these Neglected Tropical Diseases the more help those living with these diseases can get. 

Please support my daughter's advocacy work by clicking to watch the clip. I must warn you: The pictures are quite unsettling to say the least. But it's for a good cause so it's all good, right? I thank you in advance. We need views and likes.

P. S. The sound quality is not the best but you will get the main gist. We have given her the feedback against any future video clips productions.

The second favour I'm seeking is as InspiredSalt
Agnes Olubunmi Dada inspires me to reach deep down and live out loud. Regardless
She is visually challenged but lives a life you would not believe.
She hosts this concert annually to raise funds to meet the needs of physically challenged and less privileged people in the society. This year, I decided to support her and I am inviting you to do so too. Any little amount counts.  Should you decide to, the account details are below this poster.
Thank you! 
By the way, even if you don’t give, let Agnes and what she is doing inspire you. If she is doing this, what’s your excuse? 
Live! Don’t just exist.

Account number: Act No. 2028333438.
Account Name: Damilare music productions.
Bank: First Bank
Account Type:  Current:
Remarks: Salt’s Friend.

P. S. Watch this space! I will be having the author of 'Secret Places', Vivian Kay over. You need to read this book! Things are happening in the Christian world o! I read this book and was in shock for a while and then my shock gave way to deep awe of and gratitude to my PapaGod. Of a truth ONLY God is worthy of our love cos ONLY God can love us the way He does. So do come by over the coming days to and hopefully by the time you are done reading the information about the book and meeting the main characters, you will go and buy your own copy. It was, to say the least, an eye opening read for me.

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